emirates-islamic Bank
Emirates Islamic was founded in 2004 in Dubai, UAE offering banking services by following Shari’a principles.
Emirates Islamic provides products for individual and small businesses as well as large corporations
Emirates Islamic follow a high standard of financial products and services governed by Islamic Shari’a provision to develop the society
CEO: Salah Amin
Chairman: Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim
Vice Chairman: Buti Obaid Buti Al Mulla
Values: Emirates Islamic offers services based on innovation to create the right products that meet the needs of customers.
Services provided by Emirates Islamic include
Personal banking which consists of Current account, savings account, deposit account, credit cards, debit cards, personal finance, home finance etc.,
Priority banking which consists of financial solutions, priority bank packages, term deposits, wealth solutions, investment term deposits etc.,
Business banking which consists of bank packages, payroll solutions etc.,
Corporate banking which consists of corporate banking solutions, trade, treasury, financing etc.,