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Is Covid-19 covered under health insurance?

Covid-19 is covered under Health Insurance. Health insurance refers to an insurance policy that provides coverage on medical expenses incurred on the treatment of Covid-19. Under this insurance plan, the hospitalisation expenses are covered. The coronavirus health insurance plans cover treatment on health cover. 

Coronavirus is a new disease and Insurance companies cannot consider a pre-existing illness. If you have purchased health insurance before testing positive any medical support is covered under the policy. The condition is that you should not get diagnosed in the initial waiting period.  

In health insurance, along with the coverage of Covid-19 treatment, the PCR tests expenses are also covered. PCR tests are required for people who are travelling from international travel destinations. 

To reduce the burden on the people, the government has provided free testing for those who are in need. If the insurer has a health insurance policy and tests positive for the virus then the health care provider will take every necessary step by following the protocols and will do the diagnosis. 

By purchasing the Covid-19 health insurance coverage you can cover the risk for you and your family. Depending upon the program that you choose, you can pay for the insurance policy.  The provision of medication, prescription prescribed by the doctor, treatment during the isolation, additionally insurance companies are also providing rehabilitation after Covid-19 disease with stem cell treatment. 

The residents of UAE are preferring tele-medicine for their treatment so accordingly the Insurance companies have started providing these services. The insurance system has transformed digitally and it is expected to continue the same in future. 

The Thiqa programme provides full medical coverage for all UAE nationals living in Abu Dhabi. The citizens will get a thiqa card with which they can get benefits of access to many network hospitals. It provides extra benefits and coverage on health care.

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Stay safe

Washing your hands with soap or using alcohol based sanitizers is the best way to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Maintain at least one metre distance between others and yourself. This will reduce the risk of spreading the infection while speaking, coughing, and sneezing. When you are indoors, maintain a higher distance even more than that.

When you are around people, always wearing a mask is a good practise. The proper use of masks, cleaning, wearing masks and disposal are very important to avoid the spread of virus. 

Before you put on your mask and after you remove your mask, clean your hands properly. Always make sure to cover your mouth, nose and chin with a mask. When you take off your mask remember to wash your hands and store it in a clean plastic bag. If it is a fabric mask wash it thoroughly and if it’s a medical mask dispose in the trash bin. Do not use a mask which has valves. 

If you have any further questions, you can contact the UAE authorities:

Ministry of Health & Prevention – call 80011111
Abu Dhabi: Department of Health – Estijaba service – call 8001717
Dubai: Dubai Health Authority – call 800342

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