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Is Towing Service Included in Car Insurance in UAE?

Many small & big components combined will create comprehensive insurance for cars. Assistance beside the road when using car insurance is among the services of car insurance. 

If the car breaks down while driving then roadside assistance will provide relief to the insurance holder. Travelling on unknown roads is always a risk, the driver does not know where the service centres are and if anything happens like a vehicle break-down, vehicle servicing personnel will come and do the car service. 

The roadside assistance is included in the insurance package. Some insurance companies put it as add on service and these may be for car engine safety which includes accessories coverage, car protection coverage and others. 

During emergency situations, there are many services available by the insurance company which will be helpful during an emergency. The following are the services that are provided by the insurance company. Mechanical services, extricate service, fueling services, medical assistance, alternate car service and towing services. Here in this article, we discuss towing services included in car insurance. 

Towing Service in Car Insurance

Towing means pulling along the one behind you. Towing a car means pulling the car along with a rope or chain to the service station or relief van. Under car insurance, towing service is covered. Some insurance companies include this service along with the insurance policy and some insurance companies add this service as an add on service. 

As part of roadside assistance under the car insurance, towing service is offered to the car insurance holder. If the car needs a repair in the garage or if the car has met with an accident and which required immediate repairs then towing service is provided by the insurance company. General care of the car will be taken while towing the car. The car insurance company will take the car to the nearest garage centre to repair the car. 

In the UAE, there is an increase in the number of cars driving on the streets both the new cars and the used cars. The number of mishappenings has also increased. Unfortunately, if you have met with an accident and if you are in a situation where a car cannot be moved or driven then you can take advantage of the service provided by the insurance company. 

You can call your insurance service representative's number and register your request. Once the authorities get to know your whereabouts, they will come to your rescue. They will take your car to the nearest workstation for repair and provide you with the services. 

The expenses related to the car towing and the roadside assistance will be included in the insurance. If the insurance company does not include it as part of insurance and provides this as an add-on service then you have to select the add-on service and avail the benefit. If the expenses related to the towing service are not covered then the policyholder is supposed to pay for the services. 

When are towing services helpful?

Car towing services are more helpful when the car is not in a condition to be moved because of the wear and tear breakdown or maybe because of the accident that has occurred. 

There are approved garages by the insurance company. The insurance company service agents will tow the damaged cars to the nearest garage centres and get them repaired. This service will be extremely helpful if you are driving on unknown roads. 

Usually, in most insurance policies towing service is free for fifty kilometres. This again depends on the insurance company and it will vary from company to company. 

Some insurance companies charge a fee for the service beyond certain kilometres and some companies have standard rates fixed. The car insurance policyholder is advised to find out the details before entering into the insurance agreement. 

If the vehicle is injured and members in the car along with the driver are injured then the accidental insurance team will work on providing the care to the members. The car will be towed to the nearest garage and repairs for the damaged car will be done by the service company. 

Why should you opt for Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is not included in the basic insurance program. Some insurance companies include it as part of the insurance and some do not. It is advised to first find out and then opt for roadside assistance. Before you decide on choosing roadside assistance, first make an analysis of your driving needs and car condition. 

If you are a frequent car traveller and you venture to different places around the country then it is advisable to have  roadside assistance

The age of your car is also significant and the higher the car age, the higher are the chances of a breakdown. If you are driving an old car then having roadside assistance is very important and helpful. Having roadside assistance in insurance is a wise decision that will rescue you during emergencies. 


Towing services are included as under the roadside assistance services. Insurance companies will include these services under basic services and some companies charge additionally for these services. Check your insurance policy terms and conditions and get the towing services included in your car insurance policy. In the UAE, many top insurance companies include towing services under their basic services.