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Today's Live Gold Price in Sharjah

Gold Report 24-Carat

(in AED)


(in AED)


(in AED)

Today 2800 2625 2150 0.00%
Yesterday 2800 2625 2150 0.00%
1 Week ago 2866 2686 2200 0.00%
2 Weeks ago 2826 2649 2169 0.00%
3 Weeks ago 2813 2637 2160 0.00%
4 Weeks ago 2873 2692 2205 0.00%
1 Month ago 2839 2661 2179 0.00%
2873 2691 2204 0.00%

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Gold Price Calculator - Sharjah

Gold Price History in Sharjah

Check the historical Gold rate in Sharjah (per 10 grams) which will help in understanding the gold rate trend before making the purchase.

Today: 2800 AED
High: 4367 AED
Low: 4321 AED
Last Updated: 0 Minutes ago | June 13, 2024

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Today's Gold Rate Per 10 Grams in different Countries

Gold Unit UAE

(in AED)


(in INR)


(in USD)


(in EUR)


(in GBP)

24 Karat 2800 72114 762 705 595
22 Karat 2639 67967 718 664 561
18 Karat 2162 55679 588 544 460
14 Karat 1632 42042 444 411 347
10 Karat 1164 29999 317 293 247

Today's Gold Rate in Sharjah and India

Check Today's Gold rate in Sharjah and India (per 10 gms). Compare the gold rate difference before making the purchase.

Gold Unit Sharjah

(in AED)


(in INR)

24 Karat 2800 72114
22 Karat 2639 67967
18 Karat 2162 55679
14 Karat 1632 42042
10 Karat 1164 29999

Today Gold Rate in Sharjah

Sharjah is the third-largest city in the UAE after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In Sharjah gold is purchased and sold in grams, tolas, sovereigns, pavans, ounces and kilograms. 1 gram of gold is equal to 1000 milligrams. We have given gold rates for our readers. We hope the updated gold rates provide you with useful information for your gold purchases. Today’s Gold rate in Sharjah is AED today-gold-rate per 10 grams. 

Gold Price in Sharjah

Sharjah is famous for its Gold Souq. There are shopping malls that sell only gold. There are many famous places for trading gold in Sharjah. Gold rates keep changing every day in Sharjah like any other place in the world.  

Why are Expats and tourists interested in buying Gold in Sharjah?

Sharjah has an entire souk dedicated to selling gold and buying gold in Sharjah. It is a very popular place for the expats community and the tourists for buying Gold in Sharjah. There are many reasons for buying gold in Sharjah. These reasons give you an insight into why expats and tourists purchase gold and why it is a popular choice.

  • Gold is pure - Purity of gold you need not worry about. The government ensures the authenticity of the gold. It is mandatory for the stores to carry the hallmark of the gold. It ensures that gold purchased is validated anywhere in the world. 
  • Gold is cheaper - There is no tax on gold and this is the reason why buying gold is preferred. Though there is a Value added tax of 5% is imposed in 2018, buying gold is still cheaper here. 
  • You have a large variety of choices - Sharjah is a shoppers paradise, you have a variety of options for buying gold. You can shop in the entire souk which is dedicated just for buying gold. 
  • Gold price follows international standards - You can bargain Making charges on gold- You can negotiate the price of making charges. Making charges is applied to the making of an ornament. Depending on the amount of gold you are purchasing you can bargain the making charges. Bargaining in small shops is not as difficult as it is in bigger jewellery stores. However when you bargain you can get a reasonable price for purchases. 

Checkout Today's 10 Grams Gold Rate in Dubai 

Can we buy gold online in Sharjah?

Gold and precious metals can be purchased online in Sharjah. One can buy gold bars and coins at a compatible price in a few minutes. The most branded showrooms such as Malabar gold, Damas jewellery and others provide the facility of purchasing gold online. You can visit their website, add your collections to cart and make payment. A Secure online shopping service, guaranteed fast shipping, authorised gold certification, high premium quality and easy exchange and returns are the facilities which are provided by the online shopping stores. 

Why are Gold prices less compared to the rest of the world?

Gold prices in Sharjah are lower because of the lower taxes. There is a price advantage on gold which comes from zero tax regime on gold bar imports whereas in other countries it is higher. On gold jewellery there is a 5% flat tax regime applied, other countries have much higher taxes. At the airports, Value Added Tax refund is applied to the visitors. There is no import duty tax on raw materials like gold bars and TT bars. This is the reason that traders bring in gold bars from any part of the world into the country because it is tax free. Effectively there is only a 5% import tax on the gold jewellery, which is very less compared to the rest of the world. 

How is gold purity checked?

It is mandatory to have gold hallmarks to display apart from this, to keep the traders in check the government has set up a high-tech system that watches the gold purity. A display of ultra-modern laboratory instruments are set up for checking the purity of gold. The trained technicians carry out the inspection of gold both with the retailers and wholesalers. 

What kind of gold ornaments are available in Sharjah?

Jewellery shops in Sharjah offer a wide range of ornaments such as 

  • Hair and head ornaments - Crowns, Corolla, Diadem or circlet, Kokoshnik, Makuṭa, Tiara, Earrings, Ear cuff, Fascinator, Hairpin, Hatpin, Sarpech or aigrette.
  • Neck Ornaments - Necklace, pendants, Bolo tie, Choker, torc
  • Arms ornaments - Armlet, bracelet, cufflinks and bangles
  • Hand ornaments - Rings, Championship ring, Class ring, Engagement ring, Nawarat ring, Promise ring, Pre-engagement ring, Wedding ring, Slave bracelet
  • Body ornaments - Belly chain, chest plate, Body piercing jewellery, Brooch, Chatelaine
  • Feet - Anklet, Toe rings

What are the Different Gold Hallmarks in Sharjah?

In Sharjah, Gold Hallmarks are different types such as 

  • 375 hallmark gold (9 karat gold) 
  • 750 hallmark gold (18 karat gold)
  • 585 hallmark gold (14 karat gold)
  • 875 hallmark gold (21 karat gold)
  • 916 hallmark gold (22 karat gold)
  • 958 hallmark gold (23 karat gold)
  • 999 hallmark gold (24 karat gold)

What are the different types of Gold colors in Sharjah?

Gold is available in different colors in Sharjah such as 

  • Yellow Gold - The most popular Gold across the Sharjah
  • White Gold - The most commonly used gold in the Sharjah
  • Rose Gold - It is used in Jewellery in Sharjah
  • Green Gold - It is available in jewelry shops in Sharjah

Are Easy Payment Plans available for purchasing gold in Sharjah?

Zero percent interest easy payment plans are provided by the most popular gold showrooms in Sharjah. Banks such as ADCB, ADIB, Ajman Bank, CBI, Dubai first, Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, FAB, Aafaq Islamic finance, and other financial institutions provide the facility of zero percent easy payment plan. Gold jewellery purchases are for 3 months or 6 months or 12 months. Diamonds or Masaaki pearl jewellery purchases are for 3/6/12 months. There is a minimum purchase of 1000 AED. 0% Easy payment plan is not applicable for purchasing gold bars or gold coins or loose diamonds or loose pearls. Popular showrooms such as Sky Jewellers, Jos Alukkas, Malabar gold, Bhima Jewellers, and other showrooms provide the facility. 

What are the Best places to buy gold in Sharjah?

  • Rolla Gold Market
  • Damas Jewellery
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds
  • Kalyan Jewellers
  • Pure Gold Jewellers

Tips while purchasing gold in Sharjah

Below are the tips that you can follow if you are purchasing gold in Sharjah.  

  • Know the market price
  • Good knowledge about the different types of gold will help you understand the prices better. 
  • Gold prices keep fluctuating but the making charges do not fluctuate. Bargaining on making charges is possible. Bargain and purchase for the best price.  
  • Visit different shops and compare the prices, you can bargain for the best price before you purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is the price of gold today in Sharjah?

A. Today's gold price per 10 grams in Sharjah is AED today-gold-rate.

⭐ What are the different gold hallmarks in Sharjah?

A. The different gold hallmarks in Sharjah are 375, 750, 585, 875, 916, 958, 999 hallmarks.

⭐ How can we find the quality of gold?

A. The government has issued a hallmarking rule mandatory. If you are purchasing gold lookout for the hallmark. Hallmark is the process of certifying the purity of gold. Look for Hallmark and buy the gold.

⭐ What are the different karats of gold sold in Sharjah?

A. The different karats of gold sold in Sharjah are 9 karats, 18 karats, 14 karats, 21 karats, 22 karats, 23 karats, 24 karats.

⭐ What is the best time to buy Gold in Sharjah?

A. Gold prices keep changing from time to time. The customer has to check the price trends and decide on purchasing the gold.

⭐ What are the different colors of gold available in Sharjah?

A. The different colors of gold available in Sharjah are yellow gold, White gold, rose gold, and green gold.

⭐ Is the invoice and proof of purchase required to collect?

A. Yes, it is important to collect the invoice and proof of purchase from the vendor. This stands as proof when any authority questions for authentication.

⭐ How is Gold measured in Sharjah?

A. In Sharjah, gold is measured in grams, tolas, sovereigns, pavans, ounces and kilograms.