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Today's Live Gold Price in Dubai

Gold Report 24-Carat

(in AED)


(in AED)


(in AED)

Today 2264 2134 1748 0.00%
Yesterday 2264 2134 1748 0.00%
1 Week ago 2321 2186 1790 0.00%
2 Weeks ago 2303 2169 1777 0.00%
3 Weeks ago 2316 2181 1787 0.00%
4 Weeks ago 2343 2206 1807 0.00%
1 Month ago 2339 2202 1804 0.00%
2371 2232 1828 0.00%

Gold rates in other regions

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Gold Price Calculator - Dubai

Gold Price History in Dubai

Check the historical Gold rate in Dubai (per 10 gms) which will help in understanding the gold rate trend before making the purchase.

Today: 2264 AED
High: 4367 AED
Low: 4321 AED
Last Updated: 3 Minutes ago | September 28, 2023

Gold Rates In Other Regions

Check Gold Rate in Dubai and in other regions.

Today's Gold Rate Per 10 Grams in different Countries

Gold Unit UAE

(in AED)


(in INR)


(in USD)


(in EUR)


(in GBP)

24 Karat 2264 58113 616 586 507
22 Karat 2134 54772 581 553 478
18 Karat 1748 44869 476 453 392
14 Karat 1320 33880 359 342 296
10 Karat 941 24174 256 244 211

Today's Gold Rate in Dubai and India

Compare Today's 10 gms 22c Gold rate in Dubai and India before purchasing the gold.

Gold Unit Dubai

(in AED)


(in INR)

24 Karat 2264 58113
22 Karat 2134 54772
18 Karat 1748 44869
14 Karat 1320 33880
10 Karat 941 24174

Today 22 carat gold rate in Dubai, UAE

Gold is a very popular commodity in Dubai. Gold rates in Dubai, UAE are decided according to international standards. Gold prices are very dynamic and affect a wide range of factors from seasonal demand to the strength of the dollar. We have given gold rates today in Dubai for our readers. We hope you find the updated rates really useful. The 22 carat gold rate in Dubai per10 grams today is AED today-gold-rate-for-22c 

Why is Gold measured in Karats?

Karat (also spelled at Carat at some regions) is also expressed as a measure of purity. A gold Karat is 1/24 part of the whole and the gold purity alloy is expressed as parts of gold it contains. There are 24 karats of gold and these are expressed in numbers and it consists of gold parts in it. 22 Carat gold jewelry has 22 parts. This gold is usually used for making jewelry. It consists of 91% of gold the components include silver, zinc, nickel, and other alloys. This mixture makes the gold harder making jewelry durable. 20 karat gold is 83% pure and it is not the pure form of gold. 20 karat gold lies between 20/24 which is 83 percent of gold and it is not pure gold. 18 karat has 75% of gold and the rest 25% is a mix of copper or silver etc. This gold is very less expensive than 24 karats and 22 Carats. 18 karat gold is marked by 750. 16 parts gold and 8 parts of alloying metal is 16 karat gold. The pure gold is 24 karat gold. Pure gold is very soft and hence copper or any other metals were added to make it a hard alloy. The purity of coin metal is expressed by the carat weight that was actually gold. 

Gold Price in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is always known for its gold production and known as the city of gold. Hence this yellow metal is provided for a lesser cost compared to other regions. 

Who decides the gold price?

London Bullion Market Association every day updates the price of the gold. This organization is in London, UK. Every day the price of the gold is updated two times in the day. In the morning at 10.30 am and in the evening at 3.00 PM. The gold price is fixed after many rounds of auctions. The price of gold is set in US dollars. The price is set in US dollars because the US dollar is the standard currency for investors, gold producers, customers and central banks. 

The gold is set by the  “London Bullion Market Association(LBMA)”. The gold price is updated twice a day that is 10:30 AM and 3 PM (GMT +1) after a considered number of auctions.  The price will be fixed after several rounds of auctions are done. 

What are the health benefits of wearing gold Jewellery?

Gold has been the symbol of power and wealth. For many ages, gold has been offering incredible health benefits and this is the reason that people continue to use it generations after generations. Below are the health benefits of wearing gold jewelry.

Gold regulates body temperature - Gold regulates body temperature, it is a popular solution for hot flashes and chills.

Wounds and soreness treatment - Gold in its natural form was used to treat wounds and soreness as gold prevents infection and helps in healing the area

Wellbeing - when you are low, gold jewelry can cheer you up. Gold gives positive energy which soothes and relaxes your blood vessels and boosts the oxygen distribution to the body cells. 

Gold boosts confidence - By wearing gold you not only look beautiful but it also boosts your confidence levels. You will find it easy to interact with people and expressing yourself comfortably. 

Boosts immunity - Disease pathogens are present everywhere around you. When you have the gold it is a kind of protection against infection. Gold boosts your immunity.

How is Gold investment in Dubai?

Gold investment is done in various methods in Dubai. Investment is done like investing in a business or in the product purchase. Many people think that gold investment is all about buying gold and storing in the locker but in reality, it is much more than that. Below are the ways of investing in gold. 

  • Investment in Gold stocks: Gold stocks are investments placed in the gold mining companies. Purchasing the stocks in these gold mining companies is a form of investment. 
  • Investment in Gold bars and coins: The most reliable source of investment is buying gold bars and coins. When the market value is high for these items you can sell gold bars and coins and gain profits.  
  • Investment in Gold jewelry: Purchasing gold jewelry ornaments is the best form of investment. You can wear ornaments and when you see the market value of gold is higher you can sell the ornaments and earn on the sales price. 

Gold purchasing tips

  • Check today’s gold price
  • Understand the Karats in gold
  • Ask prices in different shops and get the best deal
  • Bargain and buy at the best price

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is the gold price of 22c today in Dubai?

A. Today 22 carat gold rate in Dubai is AED today-gold-rate-for-22c (per 10 grams).

⭐ Which countries use tola as denominations for gold?

A. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore use tola as denominations for gold

⭐ Can we buy gold and invest?

A. Gold can be a good investment option

⭐ Is pure gold sold in Dubai?

A. Yes, only the best quality of gold is sold in Dubai and it is pure and accepted anywhere in the world.

⭐ Is the hallmark mandatory in Dubai?

A. All the jewelry and gold sold in Dubai have hallmark and bareeq certification.

⭐ How many grams of gold is equal to one tola?

A. 1 Tola is equivalent to 10 grams