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AED - UAE Dirham

Currency in UAE is monitored by the Central Bank of UAE. The official currency of UAE is Dirham which is an Arabic word. The first dirham usage was started on 19 May 1973. Till then Dubai Riyal and Qatar Riyal were the currencies used in UAE. The currently available denominations in UAE are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000. Dh 1 is available in coins while the other denominations are provided in paper currency.

USD - US Dollar

The United States Dollar(USD) which is the official currency of the United States of America was found in 1792. Currently, used USD denominations are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 which are paper currency and 1 Cent(1¢), 5 Cents(5¢), Dime(10¢) and Quater Dollar(25¢) are the coins used. These are the currencies that are circulated widely. Currency in the USA is regulated by the Federal Reserve System.

AED to USD historical rates

UAE dirham (AED) was pegged to US dollar(USD) since 1997. Since then 100 AED = 27.22 USD. As UAE is the oil supplier for the USA, having AED pegged to USD will help in smooth transactions and also stabilize the economy of the United Arab Emirates.

US Dollar to UAE Dirham Historical exchange rates graph

As UAE DHS is pegged to US Dollar, there won’t be any fluctuations in the exchange rate so far. The Dirham to Dollar rate will be 0.27 USD.

AED to USD currency exchange tips

As AED is pegged to USD, there won’t be any fluctuations in the exchange rates. 10 AED will be 2.72 USD. So, while exchanging dirham to dollar that is AED to USD the only thing that has to be overlooked is the service charges charged at the exchange houses.

How to send money from UAE to the USA i.e., AED to USD?

There are plenty of ways to send money from UAE to the USA. Like,

  • Money exchange centers: There are several exchange centers that are well-acclaimed. The sender can send in cash which will be credited to the recipient's bank account. This process might take up to 3 days. There are some nominal service charges levied.
  • Using debit/credit cards: Use the funds on debit or credit cards at the exchange centers and transfer to the recipient's bank account.
  • Through banks: Can visit your bank and transfer funds from your bank account to the receiver's bank account.
  • Online banking: Can avail net banking facility. Banks in UAE offer international money transfer facility. The charges levied depends on the account. Some banks provide monthly one or two remittances for free. All you need is the SWIFT code of the recipient bank.

Tips to save money while transferring money from UAE to the USA

  • Some of the banks in UAE provide one or two free remittances per month. Try availing those services.
  • Compare service charges at banks and exchange centers before transferring .
  • Avoid transferring funds to outside UAE from a credit card as it can charge you high forex fees.



Currency Transfer Rates

Provider Conversion Rate Transfer Fee You Send Recipient gets
Currency Fair 1 AED = 0.2706 $ 4.00 $ AED 266.62 $
Bank Transfer Rate* 1 AED = 0.2641 $ 26.41 $ AED 237.67 $
*Rate and charges mentioned here are approximate values. Charges and Rate will vary from bank to bank.