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How to choose the best car insurance quote in the UAE?

Car insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder. Car insurance provides protection against any losses in the event of mishappenings such as accidents or theft. The policyholder is required to pay a premium to be in a contractual agreement. The insurance company will pay for the losses incurred to the policyholder according to the guidelines given in the policy.

In the UAE, it is mandatory to have car insurance according to the government. There are two types of insurance plans in the UAE, comprehensive insurance and third party insurance. These two policies offer different features, according to the requirement of the policyholder the medical, liability, and add on services can be selected in the plan.

Mymoneysouq provides quotations for car insurance throughout the UAE. We can accommodate wherever you are located whether it is Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah or Fujairah.

You can enter your details and about your vehicle, we will provide you with best quotes. You can select the best policy, make payment and have your car insurance.

Tips for choosing best car insurance quote

The following are the tips which are given for choosing the best car insurance quote in the UAE.

  1. Know your insurance requirements and expectations
  2. Rely on reputed insurance provider
  3. Compare the insurance plans quotation prices
  4. Know what is covered under the insurance policy
1. Know your insurance requirements and expectations

Understanding what you want will help you know which plan is best for your car. It also helps you to analyse your insurance requirements.

2. Rely on reputed insurance provider

A good reputed insurance company ensures to provide the best car insurance services in the UAE. Timely settlement of claims and hassle free settlements are ensured by reputed companies.

3. Compare the insurance plans and quotation prices

Compare the insurance plans as one insurance policy is not does not suit universally for all. You have to look into your requirements, study the plans and compare them so that you can purchase an affordable insurance premium for your car.

4. Know what is covered under insurance policy

A good analysis of insurance coverage will let you know what you can get and what you cannot get from your insurance policy. Know what you are going to buy so that you are not disappointed when you actually claim your policy.

Avoid these mistakes while choosing car insurance in UAE

  • Do not be hasty, think plan and purchasing your insurance
  • Buy only that policy which suits your needs
  • Do not buy car insurance before making policy comparison
  • Higher premium does not guarantee higher quality of service
  • Do not hold your information
  • Do not neglect add-on services
  • Do not buy non reputed insurance and expect great services
  • Do not ignore the insurance settlement efficiency
  • Opting for Higher Deductibles
  • Opting for the Same Policy at Time of Renewal

Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

There are various best car insurance providers in Abu Dhabi that offer the best car insurance quotes to the applicants. Like any other Emirates, it is important to have Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without Car Insurance.

There are several things that need to be considered while getting car insurance in Abu Dhabi like How much coverage does the car insurance policy provide? How much premium do you need to pay? etc. Ensure you check all the details before you pick your car insurance in Abu Dhabi and in that case any car Insurance in UAE.

At which place we can get Car Insurance from MyMoneySouq?

You can apply for Car Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over UAE through MyMoneySouq.

What is included in your insurance policy?

What is included in the insurance policy depends what you have chosen to purchase. Everything depends on the insurance policy that you choose. Find out the details about your coverage. Before buying the policy ask your insurance provider whether the policy covers storm, flood damage losses, medical expenses, fire damages, theft damages, personal injury and then purchase your policy.

If you are traveling outside the country then ask if your policy includes coverage even if you're driving in other countries.

What is not included in your insurance policy?

When you perform any of the below actions your insurance policy will not provide the coverage to you.

  • Driving with a invalid license.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc
  • Overload driving beyond the defined capacity
  • Providing misleading information to get benefit from the insurance
  • Unethical use of insurance policy
  • Insurance will not be provided if claims are filed after three years of accident.

How to get Best car insurance plans?

Getting the best car insurance plan in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE is very simple just follow the below steps as given here.

What are the details required to get an insurance quote?

The following are the details required to get an insurance quote

  • Provide your personal information details such as age, nationality, driving license details, any previous claims on car insurance.
  • Provide your car details, model, year of model, which emirate you want to register your car.


Fill in an Online Form

Enter your personal details and car details in order to search for best car insurance at best premium rates which are provided by the market.


Compare and choose

Once you complete the step-1 you will be able to get the details and then you can compare car insurance. After comparing and choosing the best car insurance you can select the best one which meets your requirements.


Make the Payment

After you have selected the plan, make payment through the online portal. The payments can be made through debit or credit card and once the payment is complete you have the car insurance policy in operation.

What does RTA law say about car insurance in UAE?

RTA law in the UAE states that it is mandatory for all the vehicles owners to have car insurance. If you do not have insurance and you are driving your car you will be levied hefty penalties. Any four wheelers running on the road should have mandatory insurance. A right car insurance provides security to you and your family, incase of any unforeseen incident you will be provided with protection by the insurance coverage. If there is any accident to the car the repair work amount is paid by the insurance company.

Choosing the Right Policy

You must be careful while determining which policy is right for your needs. Here are a few tips provided to find the right policy:

  • Take a look at your individual needs to see what works for your insurance demands.
  • Compare options to see what policies/products are available for your vehicle and to see if you can possibly save money in the process.
  • Consider the total coverage that you would get out of a particular plan to see if it will work for your requirements.
  • Check what all does the plan cover.
  • Make sure that the plan opted doesn’t involve any loopholes.
  • Pick the one that will provide you with good coverage by covering all the important aspects.

Making a Claim Easy

Requesting your car insurer for the coverage is quite easy if you follow the rules and claim without any delay. There are some steps to make a claim for the policy you hold:

  • Get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible after the wreck.
  • Provide all the information you have on your policy, information on others involved in the wreck and identification details on the cars involved. This is to make the process easier.
  • Your insurer will then review your case by verifying the damages occurred and the claim made.
  • The case will then be resolved based on the results that are found and the coverage will be provided accordingly.

What Exceptions Are There?

There is a potential for your insurance claim to be rejected, it can happen on various reasons like

  • Claims are often rejected when you are doing something illegal like not having a valid license or being under the influence of particular substances during the accident.
  • Your claim may also be refused if you were using your vehicle for purposes outside its normal use. This includes cases where you loaded up your car with more cargo than what it can handle.
  • Intentional accidents are not covered.
  • Any falsehoods in your insurance contract can cause your claim to be rejected.

We can help you in finding the best car insurance policy

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Make your Car Insurance Policy purchase Easy, Quick, and Hassle-free by getting the best quote in the market.

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MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
MyMoneySouq Car Insurance in UAE
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