Online Business Banking Accounts in UAE

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Min Balance to Maintain


Monthly Fee

AED 200

Local Transfer Cost


International Transfer Cost


minimum balance


Minimum Balance

monthly fee

AED 200

Monthly Fee


  • Mashreq NeoBiz provides 3 different digital banking business accounts - Basic, Trader Pro, and Advance
  • Business with an annual turnover up to AED 30 Million are eligible to get Mashreq NeoBiz account


  • Can open a business account online
  • No minimum balance is required to be maintained in the Business account
  • Provides 10-12 free fund transfers monthly
  • No charges on using the debit card at Mashreq Bank ATMs
  • Can withdraw cash or check the balance at other bank ATMs using Mashreq debit card for free
  • Free cheque book is provided
  • Mashreq NeoBiz account holders can get 15% off on Careem rides 6 per month

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Business Accounts in UAE

Usually, getting a business account in UAE is not an easy task. It takes considerable time to get your business account approved and opened. This turnaround time can be even 2-3 months. Taking this complexity into consideration, a few top banks in the UAE like Emirates NBD and Mashreq Bank, have come up with an idea of digital banking services. 

The digital banking service is provided through mobile applications where entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc. can avail banking services effortlessly and quickly using the app. Having a bank account is definitely a part of the business and currently, business owners in this region find banking as a difficult task. Now with the help of these digital apps, business banking customers can get their banking services done at ease.  

Emirates NBD E20

After the successful appreciation Emirates NBD Liv. Account has received, Emirates NBD has come up with an initiative of the digital bank app for business customers which is called E20. This will enable their business banking customers to open an account, perform transactions and pay required bills quickly than ever before. Along with these, they can also generate invoices, track transactions, check VAT information and perform several other functions as well.

Emirates NBD E20. will beavailable to regular banking customers from the first quarter of 2020. Right now it will be available to their selected business banking customers who will test the app and the functions while availing the services parallelly.  

Benefits provided on the Emirates NBD E20

  • Can manage business transactions easily using the app 

  • A free debit card is provided

  • A free cheque book is provided

  • Can pay bills on the app 

  • Perform transactions using the app 

Mashreq NeoBiz

Mashreq has launched NeoBiz which is an exclusive app for business banking customers. Using this app, customers can perform all the banking services on their phones. Mashreq NeoBiz claims to open a business account in 20 mins. There are several benefits provided on the NeoBiz like free debit card, cheque book, chatbot called Emma to assist the customers online and it is also a business bank account with no minimum balance requirement. 

There are 3 different NeoBiz accounts available i.e Trade Pro, Basic and Advance. Each of these account variants has its own benefits provided. The eligibility criteria to avail NeoBiz services are, 

  • The company's annual turnover should not be more than AED 30 Million

  • Individuals must own the company, not other entities

  • The main signatory of the company must be UAE resident 

Business owners can download the app on the Mashreq NeoBiz website.

While moving towards digitalization, this initiative by banks in UAE will be of great help for the business owners. It will make business banking easy and comfortable where business owners can concentrate on their businesses rather than banking.


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