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Dunia Finance Personal Loan Calculator

Dunia Finance Personal Loans in UAE

Dunia Finance Personal Loan Details
Minimum Salary AED 5000 per month
Interest Rates Flat rate: 7.72% | Reducing rate: 14%
Maximum Loan Amount AED 150K
Early Settlement Fees 1% of the outstanding amount
Arrangement Fees 1% of the approved loan amount
Tenure 48 months
Age 21 - 60 years(Expats) & 65 years(UAE Nationals)

Features of Dunia Finance Personal Loan

  • Attractive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment period of up to 48 months, to suit your personal needs
  • Simple and hassle-free process and documentation
  • Quick application approval within 48 hours

Documents Required of Dunia Finance Personal Loan

  • Recent pay slip/income documents
  • Copy of passport with residence visa
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Past 3 months bank statement
  • Copy of credit card with recent credit card statement
  • Proof of residence

Dunia Finance Personal Loan Interest rates

Dunia Finance Bank

Dunia Finance Bank Personal Loans

Looks like there is no Personal Loan provided by Dunia Finance

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Should I submit proof of residence for documentation of this personal loan?

A. Yes. Proof of residence should be submitted as a part of documentation.

⭐ How long does it take for the approval of my loan?

A. With the quick application approval provided by Dunia, you can get the loan approved within 48 hours.

⭐ How can I apply for Dunia personal loan?

A. You can apply for the loan via online application, visiting the nearby branch of Dunia or contacting them.

⭐ Do I need to transfer my salary to avail this loan?

A. No. Salary transfer is not essential to have this loan.

⭐ I am an employee and I want to apply for Dunia personal loan. What are the documents required?

A. You need to have recent payslips, copy of passport and resident visa,copy of Emirates ID, copy of credit card with recent credit card statement, proof of residence.

⭐ What’s the early settlement fee for Dunia personal loan?

A. Early settlement fee is charged at 1% of the loan amount.

⭐ What’s the maximum personal loan amount offered by Dunia?

A. You can expect a maximum loan amount of AED 150K.

⭐ What are the other personal loans available in UAE?

A. Check here for other Personal Loan in UAE

About Dunia Finance

Dunia finance is a financial institution jointly owned by Waha Capital, Mubadala Development, Fullerton Financial Holdings, and A.A. Al Moosa Enterprises. The finance company provides their services in more than 30 languages and follows a unique approach to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

Dunia Finance follows the following corporate values:

  • Customer commitment
  • Striving for excellence
  • Value of people
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Serving the community

   Get in touch with Dunia Finance Customer Care

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