Personal Finance Calculator For UAE

Loan Calculators are designed for the loan applicants to plan their finances in prior before they apply for any type of loan in UAE. Getting an estimation of monthly payments, interest amount, etc. is important before you get your hands on the loan amount. Firstly, it helps in planning the monthly expenses. Then calculating the debt to burden ratio helps in knowing the applicant's eligibility for any loan.

Well, even though all the loan calculators serve the same purpose, there are different calculators available for each type of loan.

EMI Calculator - EMI calculator is used to calculate the monthly installments of the loan amount borrowed in UAE. It takes the principal amount, interest rate and the total duration(tenure) of the loan into consideration.

It can be used to calculate EMI on various loans like Personal loan, Home loan, Car loan, etc. Other than loans you can use an EMI calculator to calculate your monthly payments on other expenses like gadgets, jewellery, etc., that are bought on installment schemes. Calculate your EMI using our EMI Calculator.

Personal loan Calculator - Personal Loan Calculator is particularly intended to calculate the monthly installments of a personal loan in UAE. It is used to calculate the interest rate, total payable amount, etc. on the personal loan borrowed from any bank in UAE. Once you calculate using ourPersonal loan Calculatoryou can compare different personal loans from various banks in UAE and apply for the one that fits you perfectly.

Mortgage Calculator - Home LoanCalculator is used to calculate the mortgage rates on the home loan borrowed. It is easy to own a house with quick loan approval but make sure you calculate the monthly mortgage payments before that.OurMortgage Calculatorprovides all the payment details like total interest amount, approximate monthly cost, total payable amount, etc., on the home loan borrowed in UAE.

Car Loan Calculator -Calculate your monthly car loan installments usingCar Loan Calculator. Banks in UAE provide auto loans easily as the vehicle acts itself as the collateral. You can get a clear estimation of monthly payments to be made according to the loan amount provided, interest rate and the tenure of the loan.

Deposit Calculator - If you are planning to save your money in the form of deposits then calculate it using theDeposit Calculator. Enter the amount you want to deposit in the bank, interest rate the bank is offering and the duration you want to keep your deposit. Once these details are given, the calculator displays the total interest amount earned on the deposits made. You can check Deposit accounts in UAE to compare the interest rate in each bank.

DBR Calculator - One important criterion to get a personal loan in UAE is to have a good Debt to Burden Ratio. It is recommended to check your Debt to Burden ratio using ourDBR Calculatorbefore applying for a loan. The prior check is required as it will help in analyzing the DBR and improve it before applying for a loan. Enter your monthly income and expenses details to know your Debt to Burden Ratio.

Pre-Payment Calculator - A pre-payment calculator can be used to calculate the money that can be saved on the interest amount on making prepayments of a loan. It helps in checking what happens when the loan holder makes extra payment(s) at a specific time of the loan.

Gratuity Calculator - Depending upon the salary, contract type and tenure of service at the company, the employer of a company would provide a gratuity to the employee. Using a Gratuity calculator an individual can calculate the gratuity they would receive from the employer at the end of the services.

Inflation Calculator - Having an approximate estimate of how much money you would in future help in planning finances accordingly. Using MyMoneySouq's Inflation Calculator, one can predict these values and understand how much money to save.