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Steps to Chassis Number Check in UAE

Whenever a vehicle is manufactured, the manufacturer assigns a unique code that is not the same for every vehicle. This code which helps in identifying individual vehicles is nothing but the Chassis number. It is given to all the vehicles like cars, motorbikes, scooters, etc. 

A chassis number is a series of numbers and letters stamped or attached to a vehicle by the manufacturer. It has a total of 17 characters with both letters and numbers. Chassis Number is also known as Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). It gives a unique identity to your car model. 

How to check Chassis Number in UAE?

Chassis Number check in UAE can be done in various ways. 

  • Vehicle Documents: The chassis number is provided on the documents related to your Vehicle. In the UAE, when you get the ownership of the vehicle, the Vehicle Ownership Card that is also known as Mulkiya in Dubai has the Chassis number printed on the back of the card under the “Vehicle Information” section. 

  • On the Vehicle: Apart from the Vehicle Ownership card and the vehicle documents, the Chassis number is available on the vehicle itself. 
  • It is printed on the down of the left dashboard of the car 
  • Even on the door on the driver’s side, there can be the Chassis number printed.
  • It can also be in front of the engine of the car, open the bonnet and check the Chassis Number.  

Details provided on your Chassis Number

Each vehicle is given a unique combination of alphabets and numbers of up to 17 characters. The Chassis number gives out several details about your vehicle like the place of manufacture, year of manufacture, etc. This number also comes in handy when you want to buy some specific parts for your vehicle. Even while buying car insurance in the UAE, the chassis number plays an important role. 

  • The first three characters of the VIN or Chassis number is the place of manufacture and the brand. If the vehicle was manufactured in Japan then there is a unique code followed by the brand code. For Audi it’s A, N is Nissan, B is BMW. 
  • The next 6 digits describe the vehicle. The fourth character is the vehicle category as in scooter, car, etc., the fifth character is the engine movement like A is 40cc, the sixth character is the type of the engine, the seventh is the vehicle design, eighth is the version of the vehicle. 
  • The ninth digit in the Chassis number is the security code 
  • The tenth digit is the year of vehicle manufacture
  • The eleventh digit of the VIN is the manufacture plant code of the vehicle 
  • The next 6 digits in the chassis number is the serial number given to each vehicle

The Chassis Number of a Car is important because it is the identification of the car that has all the required details of the vehicle right from the place of manufacture, to the year of manufacture, model, make and serial number. 

In the UAE, you can use the Chassis Number for the accident inquiry on the vehicle. While getting Car Insurance in UAE, acts as mandatory information. No automobile manufacturer completes the vehicle manufacture without the chassis number.