Compare Health Insurances in UAE

Reviewing Your Health Insurance Choices in UAE

A health insurance contract could be one of the most important policies you ever take. This will entail a series of premiums being paid to an insurer.

The insurer will then cover your medical expenses. These include expenses that come about while you are in a hospital.

This kind of policy is important when you consider how expensive unplanned medical bills can be. Health insurance protects you by paying for the expenses and hospitalization costs associated with an illness or accident.

Hospitals will gladly cover the cost of your medical needs as your policy will provide a hospital with cash. This is used to cover many expenses and to support the development of new technologies and services.

You must make sure you find a policy that works right for your needs though. All insurance policies are varied in terms of what may be offered to you and how you can benefit from them.

Health Insurances offered by the major banks in the UAE

What Does It Cover?

Your health insurance policy will cover the following in most cases:

  • Consultation fees
  • Testing costs
  • Nursing care services
  • Surgical procedures
  • Hospitalization needs
  • Maternity-related costs, particularly those relating to hospitalization
  • Vaccinations
  • Critical illness care; this is especially important for those who develop various cancers
  • Some medications
  • Ambulance costs; this is critical in emergencies where an ambulance is needed
  • Accidental dental injuries
  • Costs relating to organ transplants

Your policy will cover all of these things regardless of whether it entails the treatment of an illness, recovering from an accident or preventative health measures.

Buying Health Insurance Is Easy To Do

It is very easy to get online to find health insurance. There are a few points to use when doing so:

  • You should check individual providers online to see what policies are available and what coverage points they have.
  • Check on your personal information and see how it can produce different insurance values for your use.
  • Check on your particular health practitioner or center to see what policies are supported. This is to see if you can use the services you prefer with a particular policy.
  • You can also take care of the entire process of buying or renewing insurance online. This is easy to handle as insurance providers will offer all the necessary documents and pieces of content for renewal online.

The key is to ensure that your preferred hospital and professional can handle your insurance policy. All hospitals and clinics have their own terms in terms of who they are partnered with.

Renewals May Work

A renewal can be used on your insurance policy depending on its terms. You may be eligible to renew your policy during a specific time period stated by your insurer. This is to provide you with the added support you need.

Key Additional Points

There are many extra points to see in an insurance policy:

  • You can get worldwide coverage; this means that your policy will cover expenses no matter where in the world you are as something happens.
  • Your premium will vary in value based on your age, the amount of money involved, the length of the policy and so forth.
  • The documentation process is easy to handle. It should not take long for your policy to be processed in most cases.
  • You can get immediate assured payouts when claims are made.
  • A free look period of about 30 days may be used in a policy. This allows you to get a clear idea of what is covered in a policy before you choose to utilize it.
  • Health insurance is available to nationals and expats in UAE alike.

A Note for Expats

Expats are typically more likely to pay an added amount of health insurance coverage. The added total involved may be higher depending on one’s medical history and how much information is available. This point varies by all insurance providers so be sure you compare options to determine if a policy will work for you.

Also, not all health insurance companies will provide services to expats. While most of them will provide you with help, you will need to look carefully at the rules associated with acquiring an insurance policy.

Who Offers Health Insurance?

The companies that currently offer health insurance in UAE include the following choices:

  • CBD has a CritiCare policy solution that provides you with lump sum coverage for 37 different critical illnesses and also offers full worldwide coverage.
  • Emirates NBD has various insurance policies. You can use either of these as a savings plan. These policies are all underwritten by Zurich International Life.
  • First Gulf Bank has three different policies for its customers. These include not only a basic illness coverage plan but also the Diabetes Care and Well Woman Plans.
  • Mashreq Bank has a health insurance policy supported by MetLife. This is a CritiCare policy that works as a protection plan with an added savings account included with it.
  • Citibank health insurance has a critical illness plan as well as a hospital care plan. An income protection plan is also available to protect you from possible income losses caused by an illness.

All insurance companies have their own plans for use. Be sure to compare options with one another to get a clear idea of what is available so you can get the most out of a great policy.

Using Your Policy In Other Countries

A GCC coverage plan may be used in the event that you plan on traveling outside the UAE. This will cover you for all events that happen while in GCC countries including Oman and Qatar.

A worldwide coverage plan may be included to provide you with coverage in various parts of North America including the United States and Canada. A European coverage plan that covers anything that happens to you while in Europe may also be offered to you through the Schengen Visa.

Be sure to take a look at your needs for an insurance policy. A great policy will provide you with the assistance you need for taking care of many medical expenses that might come about in the future. This is critical when you consider how high many of these expenses can become without insurance.

What Exclusions Are There?

The following are typically not covered by a health insurance policy:

  • Illnesses caused by illegal actions
  • Various pre-existing conditions
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Costs associated with dental or optical services; you may need to get a separate insurance policy for those
  • Conditions caused by dangerous activities; these include sporting-related injuries
  • Illnesses and other problems caused by natural disasters, acts of terror or other unexpected events

In terms of pre-existing conditions, you will have to fully disclose any conditions that you are suffering from before using a policy. You may also need to be certified as saying that you have experienced particular conditions in the past.

Group policies may offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. The rules associated with this will vary by each individual insurance provider you get in touch with.

In addition, medical treatments from specialists that are not directly in the field of medicine are typically not covered. A medical practitioner who is covered by your insurance policy might have to provide you with an official referral for services like these to be covered. This is certainly the case for psychological and dental services. Chiropractic services typically require referrals as well.

How a Claim is Made

A health insurance claim can be made by using these steps:

  • You must first contact your insurance provider. This can be done by phone or online.
  • You must validate your information for better service. You need your policy and membership number ready among other points of identifying information.
  • All documents relating to your medical needs will have to be sent out. They can be scanned and sent by email or faxed if needed. A doctor or hospital may assist you with getting these documents out as well.
  • You should get your claim settled in about fifteen working days at the most. This is provided that the information sent for the claim is complete and accurate.

What About Group Policies?

Group policies may be found in many cases. This is where multiple people in an organization may be covered by an insurance policy. This is a point that is more likely to be covered within a business. This should provide multiple people within a business with the medical coverage that they might require. A group policy should work well provided that you have an appropriate solution that works well enough.

Is a Screening Needed?

You may be required to go through a health screening before you get an insurance policy to work. This is subject to your age and the standards that an insurer works with.

Check to see what your insurer requires before you opt for a screening. You may be more likely to get insurance if you pass a screening.