Matthew Nobles

Matthew Nobles is the Founder of Dubai Personal Finance, a mission-based social enterprise focused on improving the personal financial literacy of UAE residents. As a certified Financial Coach and Financial Advisor, Matthew guides groups and individuals to identify their values and develop portfolio investment strategies to achieve their financial goals. Matthew is a dynamic speaker, coach and educator who is passionate about empowering others to take control of their personal wealth journey.

In addition to his work in Dubai Personal Finance, Matthew has 13 years of corporate executive leadership experience, working for a large multi-national conglomerate on four continents and across several industries.

Matthew is a subject-matter expert on:

  • Wealth Mindset: foundational behaviors that will grow your wealth over time
  • Money Management Strategies: getting organized and improving spending/saving ratios
  • Investing Strategies: diversified asset holdings that balance risk & return
  • Passive Income Strategies: creating cash-flow from long-term held assets
  • Resilience Strategies: insurance coverage & backup plans
  • Philanthropic Strategies: creating a Giving Plan & establishing a legacy

Matthew holds the following qualifications:

  • Certified Financial & Wealth Advisor (CISI Level4)
  • Certified Personal Finance Educator (National Financial Educators Council)
  • Certified Personal Finance Coach (Dave Ramsey: Personal Finance Master Coach)
  • 11 years of Corporate Finance experience with General Electric (GE)
  • CMA - Certified Management Accountant (Institute of Management Accountants)

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