Affordable Health Insurance Options in the UAE

Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important to each and every individual. The cost of living is rising and all expenses are very high in UAE, which includes medical bills which happen to be quite expensive too. At this point of time, having a health insurance would be more beneficial which helps you at the time of need. Currently, around 70% of UAE population got their health insurance and getting highly benefitted during medical treatments and bills. The need for health insurance is getting more these days and it is always better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

DHA Essential Benefits Plan

Earlier in 2017, the Dubai Health Authority(DHA) has passed a notice which suggests that health insurance for every individual is compulsory with a plan called Essential Benefits Plan(EBP) which aims to provide health insurance to everyone. There is no eligibility factor to avail this. Both UAE Nationals and Expats are eligible.

The main intention behind EBP is to provide health insurance for expats with low salary i.e less than AED 4000. The minimum annual premium to be paid is AED 550-AED 650. For people who have more than AED 4000 salary can choose the plan accordingly.

Cover includes:

  • EBP includes surgeries, treatments, regular check-ups, diagnosis, maternity etc.
  • It provides coverage for various diseases like cancer, heart diseases, stroke, temporary/permanent disabilities, organs transplant, burns etc.
  • Maximum coverage of AED 150,000 will be provided.
  • Medicine bills are covered.

Banks providing Health Insurance in UAE

Apart from the insurance companies, there are few banks in UAE associated with the companies mentioned above providing health insurance coverage. Here’s a list of banks which provides health insurance facility:

ADCB Health Insurance

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank provides two kinds of health insurance- Protector Plus and Inpatient NRI health insurance.

Protector Plus:

  • The policy starts with AED 25 per month
  • This covers the expenses of accidents, strokes, diseases etc and even injuries caused by natural calamities
  • Can avail the benefits worldwide
  • Quick and simple documentation
  • Prior medical tests are not required

Inpatient NRI Health Insurance:

  • This is a special policy for Indians in UAE who has a tag NRI (Non-Resident Indian).
  • The policy annual premium starts from AED 200
  • NRIs can get a health insurance and avail maximum Rs. 500,000/- for medical expenses in India
  • Only if the policyholder is traveling to India or has a family back in India can avail this

Citibank Health Insurance

Citibank provides a cover combinedly for death and critical illness in order to bear the medical expenses. Critical illness includes heart attack, coma, burns, cancer, organs transplant, blindness etc.

  • Monthly premium starts from AED 75
  • Premium to be paid for minimum 7years
  • Age requirement: 20-64 years

Emirates NBD Health Insurance

Emirates NBD has teamed up with Zurich care and provide health insurance in UAE under the name International Term Assurance for cheapest payments and maximum coverage for critical illness, temporary/permanent disabilities and death.

FGB Health Insurance

First Gulf Bank provides different kinds of Health Insurances like Critical illness, Well woman plan and diabetes care. Only UAE citizens are eligible.

Critical illness plan:

Critical illness covers temporary/permanent disabilities, strokes, cancer etc treatments.

  • Minimum Premium per month is AED 65
  • Age requirement: 18-60 years
  • Term: 5-35 years
  • Single or joint plan can be taken

Well Woman plan:

  • This is a special cover for ladies which covers different types of cancer treatment
  • The important feature of this plan is you can spend the cover not only for medical expenses but also for other purposes like a vacation, children fees etc.
  • Provides cover with simple documentation

Diabetes plan:

FGB provides a unique cover that is for diabetes

  • Diabetic patients can get this cover which bears the medical expenses which includes the treatment, medical bills, dietary and lifestyle counselling and much more related to this for less monthly premium.

Mashreq Health Insurance

  • Monthly premium starts from AED 35
  • Mashreq bank provides critical illness health insurance which covers 30+ major diseases including cancer
  • Mashreq critical illness plan can get you around AED 25000 - AED 100,000 coverage
  • Term 5-10 years(premium payment)

RAKBank Health Insurance

RAKBank provides a different type of cover called Hospital Cash Benefit.

Hospital Cash Benefit:

It bears your day to day expenses in the hospital right from the room charges to the ambulance, medical bills etc.

  • Monthly premium starts from AED 90 for adults and AED 25 for children
  • Adults can get up to AED 8000 per day while children can get up to 2000 AED/day. This is valid for 60 days in a year
  • Even maternity is also included i.e for 7 days
  • Pay for 11 months without skipping and get one month for free.
  • Age requirement: Adults- 18-64 years
    Children- 6 months- 18 years

Critical illness:

RAKBank and Oman Insurance Company have tied up and providing RAK Care

  • This includes more than 32 critical illness diseases and 7 female cancer cover
  • Coverage of AED 25,000 - AED 100,000 will be provided
  • Can avail this cover worldwide anytime
  • Simple and quick documentation
  • Age requirement: 18-64 years
  • Avail cashback offer on payment made with RAKBank Credit Card
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