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Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit Cards are one of the beneficial financial tools. But it has to be handled consciously hence it can land you in a credit card debts which is definitely a big financial burden. Therefore you must plan accordingly and try clearing your credit card debt. Using MyMoneySouq’s Credit Card Payoff Calculator will help in planning your monthly credit card payments rightly.

There are 2 cases to be noted while using a Credit Card Payoff Calculator

1. Understand your monthly budget and how much you can spend monthly on your credit card debt. This will make you in calculating months it would take to clear the debt according to the monthly installment you can pay.

  • Enter the total credit card debt
  • Enter the interest rate on your credit card per month
  • Now enter the amount how much you would like to pay per month

Hence, you will understand how many months it would take for you to clear the debt.

2. The other case is calculating the monthly installment according to the time limit. If you want to clear the debt in a certain period of time then keep the time limit in mind and check how much you need to pay per month.

  • Enter the total credit card debt
  • Enter the interest rate on your credit card per month
  • Enter the number of months you would like to clear the debt

You will understand how much you need to pay per month according to your time limit.

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