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FAB Abu Dhabi Pay Hayyak Card

FAB Bank

Abu Dhabi Pay Hayyak Card

FAB Abu Dhabi Pay Hayyak Card
Maximum Limit


Validity of Card

60 Months

Card First Load

AED 25

Monthly Fee


FAB Abu Dhabi Pay Hayyak Card
interest rate


Maximum Limit

minimum salary

60 Months

Validity of Card

View details on bank page


  • The card is easy to issue prepaid card with or without registration or any bank account
  • The cards validity is five years from the date of issue
  • The starting loading amount is limited to a maximum amount of AED 3,500 and this can be used on Abu Dhabi Pay govt transactions only.
  • The merchant payments and other reloads will be enabled after the full KYC is done and this will provide a maximum limit of AED 50,000
  • The card will offer easy loading of funds and reloading of funds. You can keep track of your spendings.
  • The Abu Dhabi Pay Hayyak Card can be loaded or reloaded through the following.
  • FAB Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs)
  • The FAB Mobile app and Online Banking for retail
  • FAB iBanking and Nafura for corporate
  • The payit mobile app (available soon)
  • Distribution channels and government counters (available soon)
  • UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS)
  • No card issuance cost, loading or reloading fees
  • Hayyak Cards are available at Magnati offices and government counters.

Main Benefits

  • If cardholder full KYC is not done then maximum card balance is AED 3,500
  • For all the KYC completed cardholders the maximum card balance is AED 50,000
  • The card can be loaded or reloaded and the below are the various options available.
  • FAB Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs): Free
  • Distribution channels and government counters: Free(available soon)
  • The FAB Mobile app and Online Banking: Free
  • FAB iBanking and Nafura: Free
  • The payit mobile app: Free (available soon)
  • UAEFTS: Free
  • For all the cardholders without KYC the maximum load amount is AED 3,500 on one time basis
  • For KYC completed users the maximum load amount is AED 50,000
  • Any kind of reload is not allowed for cardholders who have not completed their KYC
  • For KYC completed users the max reload per day and transaction at FABs CDM is AED 50,000 and the maximum reload is unlimited
  • The balance amount may be refunded on FAB ATMs if there is cash withdrawal provided to them.
  • You can also place a request at Magnati offices to get your refund of balance on your Abu Dhabi Hayyak Card, the incomplete refund requests are not processed.
  • For KYC users Withdrawal allowance per transaction is AED 10,000
  • For KYC users Withdrawal allowance per day is AED 50,000
  • For KYC users Withdrawal allowance per month is unlimited
  • The cash withdrawal facility is provided at any FAB and Non FAB ATMs, the withdrawal facility is available only for the KYC completed customers.
  • Cash withdrawal at FAB ATMs is free of charge
  • AED 2 is charged for cash withdrawals at Non-FAB ATMs
  • For all the International withdrawals AED 15 or 2.5 percent is charged whichever is greater

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the card valid?

A. The Abu Dhabi Pay Hayyak Card is valid for 5 yrs

Q. Will cards be issued for non KYC customers?

A. Yes, card will be issued but with restrictions on transactions

Q. What are the fees for issuing the card?

A. No card issuance cost, loading or reloading fees

Q. Is the balance amount on the card refunded?

A. Yes, the balance amount on card will be refunded

Q. Where are Hayyak cards available?

A. Hayyak Cards are available at Magnati offices and government counters.


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