Top 5 Unexpected Expenses to Plan

If you are not prepared for an expense you may have to see a sudden rise in bill payment amounts. These payments...

Difference between ETF and Index Fund

An ETF is also known as an exchange-traded fund. Index funds are open-ended mutual funds schemes. ETFs are funds traded on the...

What to consider before backing out of financial commitment with Family?

Have you experienced any situations where your family member has asked you for help with any financial support? Have you had any...

Types of risk you should know about

Risk is an important factor in any kind of business or any financial activity that you take up. For most of the...

Got surplus money or unexpected wealth? Avoid these 5 financial mistakes

A year-long hard earned money may come in the form of a bonus amount for employees, for businessmen a great business deal...

Understanding the Investment Risk Pyramid

Investors for a long time have used the risk pyramid to construct their portfolio of investments. This would help them in creating...

How to identify entry points and exit points in the stock market?

Success in the stock market can be dependent on when you enter the market and when you exit the market. These decisions...

What Is Buyer’s Remorse & How To Avoid It?

An awful experience after making a purchase and you feeling regret for the purchase is called Buyer's Remorse. This can happen when...

How to Start End of Life Planning?

It is said planning is the first step to accomplishing your goals but at some point in life, you have to start...

Why should Retirees check the Possibility of Failure (POF) Rate?

The POF rate is a mechanism used for finding out the person’s retirement savings to measure adequacy. It estimates the chances of...
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