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Today's Live Gold Price in UAE

Gold Report 24-Carat

(in AED)


(in AED)


(in AED)

Today 2813 2637 2160 0.00%
Yesterday 2813 2637 2160 0.00%
1 Week ago 2813 2637 2160 0.00%
2 Weeks ago 2793 2619 2145 0.00%
3 Weeks ago 2813 2637 2160 0.00%
4 Weeks ago 2846 2667 2184 0.00%
1 Month ago 2819 2643 2164 0.00%
2819 2642 2164 0.00%

Gold rates in other regions

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Gold Price Calculator - UAE

Gold Price History in UAE

Check the historical Gold rate graph in UAE which will help in understanding the gold rate trend before making the purchase. The Gold Price Chart Per 10 gms in UAE listed below gives the gold rate from the past one year to one month.

Today: 2813 AED
High: 4367 AED
Low: 4321 AED
Last Updated: 3 Minutes ago | June 25, 2024

Gold Rates In Other Regions

Check Gold Rate in UAE and in other regions worldwide.

Today's Gold Rate Per 10 Grams in different Countries

Gold Unit UAE

(in AED)


(in INR)


(in USD)


(in EUR)


(in GBP)

24 Karat 2813 72403 765 714 603
22 Karat 2651 68239 721 673 569
18 Karat 2172 55902 591 552 466
14 Karat 1640 42211 446 416 352
10 Karat 1170 30119 318 297 251

Today's Gold Rate in UAE and India

Check the difference between Today's Gold rate in UAE and India before purchasing the gold (rate per 10 gms)

Gold Unit UAE

(in AED)


(in INR)

24 Karat 2813 72403
22 Karat 2651 68239
18 Karat 2172 55902
14 Karat 1640 42211
10 Karat 1170 30119

UAE Gold Price in Tola

Tola is a term used in India and other parts of Asia. It's a measure of gold. 1 tola = 10 grams. Today 1 tola gold price in UAE is today-gold-rate AED.  

Today Gold Rate in UAE

UAE is located at the Southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula along the Persian Gulf. In UAE, Gold is purchased in various forms like bullion bars, coins, collectible coins, and jewellery. We have given gold rates for our readers. We hope the updated gold rates provide you with useful information for your gold purchases. The latest gold price per 10 grams in Dubai is today-gold-rate AED. 

Gold Price in UAE

UAE is known for its Gold production. Gold is available at a lesser price compared to other regions. The United Arab Emirates gold market is the largest gold market in the world. There are many famous places for trading gold in the UAE.

How is the Gold Price determined?

The price of the gold is set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Twice a day the gold prices are updated first at 10.30 am and next at 3 PM (as per to the UK timings). The price of gold is fixed based on the auction price. The standard currency is USD for pricing the gold which is also a standard currency for the investors, central banks, gold producers and customers. 

What influences the gold price?

The gold standard price is not constant. It keeps changing from time to time. On a daily basis, the prices keep changing. Prices may increase or decrease. Below are the influencing factors that determine the gold price.

Demand and Supply - The price of a commodity rises if there is a demand for the product. Since gold is a commodity the price rises for the gold. If the demand for gold increases the price for the gold increases. According to the world gold council, central banks keep gold and reserve it. It also includes currency reserves, accumulating gold and currency will increase the gold rate. 

Value of US Dollar - In addition to the jewelry, gold is an investment. When the price of dollar increases, investors invest in it rather than gold which affects the gold price. The dollar price and gold price are related. If the price of dollar falls, investors will invest in gold which makes prices rise higher. 

Gold Purity

Gold is a precious commodity, it is measured in Karat. There are 24 parts in gold, a pure gold consists of 24 carats. 24 carats gold is considered as 100 percent pure gold. There are different gold carats available with a mixture of gold and other metals such as silver, copper, zinc, and nickel. The durability of gold is increased by these metals. Physical gold can be availed in the form of coins, ornaments, or bars. 

The different types of gold karats that are available in the market are as follows.

  • 24 carat gold - This is 100 percent pure gold. This is the most expensive kind of gold. It is mostly chosen in Asia, specifically India. 
  • 22 carat gold - This gold has 91.70% gold and it is not as expensive as 24 carat. It is also preferred in India. 
  • 18 carat gold - It consists of 75 percent gold, it has demand in Asia, Europe, and South America. It is a little less expensive than 22 carats. 
  • 14 carat gold - It consists of 58.30% of gold. This gold has a good market in the US and it is considered as the average type of gold. 
  • 10 carat gold - It consists of 41.70% of gold. This gold has demand in the UK and it has less value compared to other types of gold. 

Tips while purchasing gold in UAE

The gold markets in the UAE are famous and are the most visited tourist spots. Below are the tips that you can follow if you are purchasing gold in the UAE.  

  • Have a good knowledge of the updated gold market price. Check the gold price today in UAE and make purchases. 
  • Have a good knowledge of the different types of gold before making purchases. 
  • Bargain and negotiate a reasonable price before purchasing gold. 
  • Check prices at different shops and purchases which gives you the best deal.  

Checkout Today's Gold Rate in Dubai 

Gold as an Investment in UAE

Investment in Gold is a smart way of investing your money for long term benefits. People in UAE invest for the following reasons. 

  • Value of Gold as increases in future
  • Gold is a precious commodity and people love this metal
  • Gold can be sold hassle-free

Gold Schemes to Invest in UAE

Investment in gold is done in different ways. Many people think that investing in gold only means purchasing the gold product. There are other ways in which gold can be invested such as 

  • Gold Stocks - Investment in gold stocks can be made by purchasing stocks from the company
  • Gold bars and coins - Purchase of gold bars or coins can be made and sold at a higher price in future.
  • Gold Jewellery - Purchase of gold ornaments and accessories and follow the investment practice by selling at higher prices in future. 

Best place to buy gold in UAE

  • Al Bahrain Jewellers
  • Emirates Gold
  • Al Etihad Gold
  • Kaloti Precious Metals
  • Gold Standard DMCC
  • Dhab DMCC
  • National Metal DMCC
  • National Bullion House

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Which is today's gold price in UAE?

A. The gold price today in UAE is AED today-gold-rate (per 10 grams).

⭐ How can we find the quality of gold?

A. The government has issued a hallmarking rule mandatory in the UAE. If you are purchasing gold lookout for the hallmark. Hallmark is the process of certifying the purity of gold. Look for Hallmark and buy the gold.

⭐ How much gold can be carried out of UAE?

A. There is no restriction on the amount of gold that can be carried out of UAE but customers should produce a valid invoice and proof of payment. The customer should have duly stamped invoices. Customs charges should be paid to the authorities. A self-declaration should be made with the customs authorities before the check-in. You need to check the limits imposed by the destination countries before traveling to your destination county.

⭐ What is the best time to buy Gold in UAE?

A. Gold prices keep changing from time to time. The buyer has to check the price trends and decide on purchasing the gold.

⭐ Are Gold shops available in airports of UAE?

A. Yes, gold stores are available in airports of UAE

⭐ Can I buy gold in UAE using Indian currency?

A. Some gold stores accept indian currency for purchasing gold, it is advised to check with the stores before purchasing.

⭐ Is pure gold sold in UAE?

A. Yes, pure gold is sold in the UAE with the bareeq certification by the Dubai Central Laboratories Department (DCLD)

⭐ Is the invoice and proof of purchase required to collect?

A. Yes, it is important to collect the invoice and proof of purchase from the vendor. This stands as proof when any authority questions for authentication.

⭐ For investment purposes, is it worth it to purchase 18K gold?

A. It is advisable to purchase higher gold percentages for investment purposes. 18k gold consists of 75% of gold only.

⭐ Which gold is best to purchase 24 karat or 22 karat?

A. 24 karat gold has 24 parts pure gold and 22 karat gold has 22 parts pure gold and the rest is some other metal. It depends on the requirements of the buyers to prefer 24 karats or 22 karats.

⭐ How to check Gold rate trends?

A. Using the Gold rate graph UAE, you can check the gold rate trend for the last one year.