Top Payroll (Pay Plus) Cards in the UAE

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UAE is one of the countries with a high expat population. Most of the expats come to the UAE to find better job opportunities. To make the wage distribution easy for the employers and employees, the UAE government and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation  (MOHRE) with the Central Bank of UAE developed Wages Protection System (WPS). This makes the private sector companies enroll for the payroll solutions and transfer salaries to employees on a regular basis without delays. As a part of the payroll solutions, the employees are given salary cards by the employers. The salary card is also known as pay plus cards or payroll cards. Employees can quickly withdraw or make use of the money of the card and also avail other banking services.  

Here’s a list of Top Payroll Cards in the UAE that can be provided to your employees for smooth salary transfers. 

Al Ansari Exchange Cards

Al Ansari Exchange offers two different cards for the employees. One is the Payroll Card and the other is the PayPlus Card. 

Features and Benefits of PayPlus Card 

  • It's a co-branded card with FAB 
  • Can get free cash withdrawals at FAB ATMs or Al Ansari Exchange branches
  • Get free balance check at FAB ATMs
  • Can withdraw cash from ATM that accepts Mastercard
  • Can transfer money by visiting Al Ansari Exchange branches
  • No minimum balance is required in the account
  • Can use the card at any store that accepts Mastercard

Features and Benefits of Payroll Card 

  • No cash withdrawal limit on the card
  • Can use the card at any Al Ansari Exchange branch
  • No fees are charged on card issuance
  • A dedicated support team to resolve the queries

FAB Ratibi Prepaid Card

FAB Ratibi Card is one of the most popular salary cards in the UAE. The eligibility requirement and features make Ratibi a unique product. 

Features and Benefits of FAB Ratibi Prepaid Card 

  • For the employees with salaries below AED 5000 
  • A bank account is not needed
  • No minimum balance is required on the card 
  • Salary will be directly transferred on the card 
  • Can use the card at any ATM for cash withdrawal 
  • Can use it for online or in-store purchases 
  • Free personal accident insurance on the card 

C3Pay Salary Card

C3 Pay Salary Card provided by Edenred as part of their payroll solutions for the employees. 

Features and Benefits of C3 Pay Salary Card 

  • No minimum balance on the card 
  • Can use the card anywhere online or in-store or ATMs
  • The card can be used anywhere worldwide 
  • Can know the transactions history on the app 
  • Can transfer money instantly to 6 countries - India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
  • Can recharge mobile 

Emirates Islamic Bank Payroll Account

Emirates Islamic Payroll Account is a sharia-compliant account with good benefits for the employees. 

Features and Benefits of Emirates Islamic Bank Payroll Account

  • A current account is provided for employees with a salary of AED 3000 or more
  • No minimum balance is needed
  • No monthly fees are charged on the account 
  • A free international debit card is provided 
  • A free cheque book is provided
  • A worldwide accepted Payroll card is provided for the employees with salary less than AED 3000

Al Fardan Exchange PayEZ Mastercard card

PayEZ payroll card is provided by Al Fardan Exchange. 

Features and Benefits of PayEZ payroll card

  • A personalized card is provided 
  • Can use the card at Mastercard allowed ATM for cash withdrawal
  • Minimum balance is not required on the card 
  • No charges on POS transactions using the card 

RAKBank Payroll Card

Among several services offered by RAKBank, Payroll solutions are one. 

Features and Benefits of RAKBank Payroll Card

  • A current account is provided with no minimum balance requirement
  • 1 free cheque book every month is provided
  • Unlimited free RAKBANK ATM withdrawals are provided
  • Free unlimited domestic remittances through Digital Banking
  • Up to 4 Free international remittances are provided
  • Up to 4 free Non-RAKBANK ATM withdrawals are provided 

These are the few top payroll cards provided in the UAE which provide good benefits for employers and employees as well.