Noor bank offers

Ways to find Noor bank offers

Noor bank customers can avail exclusive benefits provided for them even more easily with the help of free app provided. Noor bank...
50 20 30 budget rule

How does the 50-20-30 budget rule work?

In order to take control of your finances, you need to master the art of budgeting. A budget is a plan detailing...
U by Emaar

All you need to know about “U by Emaar”

Emaar Hospitality Group launched a loyalty program known as “U by Emaar”. U by Emaar provides membership cards which can be used...
save money in limited salary

How to save money in a limited salary in UAE?

We all strive for a financially independent future. A future where we have saved and invested enough to be able to live...
RTA Taxi

RTA Taxi – What all you need to know

Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Fleet comprises approximately a count of 3854 vehicles active all day (24 hours a day) in all the 7...
Credit score

How to Improve Credit Score?

Banks get several loan applications on a daily basis. But not all the applications get approved. There are several factors that make...

E-channel Immigration system – What you need to know

UAE over the recent years is witnessing an increasing number of expat workers in the country making above 90% of the country’s...
Klip - A New Digital Wallet in the UAE

Klip – New Digital Wallet in UAE

Over the past few years, digital payments have evolved tremendously especially the pandemic time have made consumers stick to digitalization rather than...
tip in dubai

How much you should tip in Dubai?

Wherever you go one common practice is to tip when you get impressed with the service at any restaurant or housekeeping or with the...
UAE Visit Visa

UAE Visit Visa – Eligibility, Fees, Documents & Steps to Apply

UAE is a land that welcomes a huge number of tourists with open hands. People who plan to visit UAE for 2...
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