Personal loan in UAE without a Salary Transfer

Details of Personal loan in UAE without a Salary Transfer

Minimum Salary

Interest Rate

Loan Amount

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Personal Loan in UAE

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan in UAE involves several things amongst which salary transfer is mandatory at most of the banks. As personal loans are provided on no collateral banks expect the loan applicants to transfer salary to their respective bank accounts. This is basically to reduce the risk in getting the owed funds back.

But there are several banks understanding the need of the customers and providing a personal loan in UAE without salary transfer. This kind of loans are approved on low limitations but the rates and charges involved can vary when compared to the borrower who is transferring his salary.

ADIB Smart Account


  • Minimum salary of AED 3000 - AED 50,000(Varies with the bank)
  • Both UAE Nationals and expats are eligible
  • Loan applicant must be of 21-60 years
  • Minimum 6 months to 1 year of service at the current employer is required

Documents Required

  • 3-6 months bank statements
  • Security cheques in the favor of the bank
  • Salary Certificate
  • ID Proofs like Emirates ID
  • Passport
  • Resident Visa
  • Address proofs(utility bills)

Additional documents may be requested by banks


Q. Are expats eligible for a personal loan without salary transfer?

A. Yes, expats are eligible to avail personal loan in UAE without salary transfer.

Q. Is their minimum salary requirement on no salary transfer loan?

A. Yes, there is a minimum salary requirement on salary transfer loans and the minimum salary required varies with banks.

Q. Can I cancel the loan after approval?

A. Yes, loan approved can be canceled on paying some cancellation fees.

Q. Is insurance cover provided on non-salary transfer loans?

A. Yes, you can avail insurance on non-salary transfer loans.

Q. Is salary certificate mandatory?

A. Yes, salary certificate is a mandatory document for personal loans in UAE.

Q. Do banks check credit score for non-salary transfer personal loans?

A. Yes, banks check the credit score before approving the loan application.

Q. Do banks check DBR for non-salary transfer personal loans?

A. Yes, banks do check DBR which should be below 50%, for any kind of loans in UAE. Calculate your DBR using our Debt Burden Ratio Calculator

Q. Do my company needs to be listed on the bank’s list?

A. Company listed with the bank criterion vary from each bank.

Q. Is there any minimum work service required?

A. For a non-salary transfer personal loan, a minimum work service of 6 months is required.

Q. Is partial payment facility available in this type of loan?

A. Yes, partial payment facility is provided on some partial payments charges which varies from each bank.

Q. What are the additional benefits provided on personal loan without salary transfer?

A. Some banks provide a free debit card, credit card, cheque books, etc., on personal loan without salary transfer.

Q. How do I know the monthly installments to be paid on the loan?

A. The monthly installments vary with the interest rate, loan amount borrowed, tenure and other factors. Use our Personal Loan Calculatorto calculate your monthly installments on loan.

Q. Do we need to provide any collateral on non-salary transfer personal loan?

A. There is no collateral required on non-salary transfer personal loan.

Q. What is the maximum tenure provided on the loan?

A. The maximum tenure provided on the personal loan without salary transfer is 48 months.

Q. For how much amount the security cheque should be given?

A. A security cheque of loan amount approved should be given to the bank.

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