Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) smartBusiness

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EIB smartBusiness

One of the important aspects for a business to run properly is the uninterrupted banking transactions. E-banking option eases it by providing secured 24/7 banking facility to the businesses. Most of the banks in the UAE offer online business banking facilities to business customers. Emirates Islamic Bank which is one of the best banks in UAE offers a smartBusiness facility. The EIB smartBusiness provides access to the business transaction at any time and anywhere. smartBusiness was exclusively designed to fulfil the requirements of the corporate clients of Emirates Islamic bank. 

Features and Benefits of EIB smartBusiness

The smartBusiness facility for corporate customers comes with several benefits that help in carrying out business transactions at ease. 

  • Domestic and International telegraphic transfer 
  • Provides payroll solutions 
  • Can make quick and easy transfers to vendors and employees 
  • Can request for a cheque book, demand drafts, etc. online on the smartBusiness portal 
  • Can get account transaction details at anytime 
  • Can download e-statements for free 
  • Make utility bill payments like Salik, DEWA, etc. 
  • Make UAE GPSSA pension payments
  • International transfers are allowed at customisable exchange rates 
  • Can make the salary transfer to employees with local or international accounts at any bank 
  • Can avail salary WPS service
  • Make telecom bill payments like DU and Etisalat 
  • Simple and easy to use online transfer option is provided 
  • Can transfer money to own and third-party accounts as well 
  • Can check account balance anytime and get real-time results in seconds 
  • Can make bulk payments to clients 
  • Discounts on transaction fees are provided 
  • Can get notified through Emails each time a transaction is made on the account 
  • Get transaction history quickly 
  • Get Payroll solutions easily 
  • Provides high security. Only the account holder with Subscriber ID, User ID and Password 
  • Transactions are processed only after authentication PIN is entered 
  • No smartBusiness usage or account opening charges. Charges are levied only for performing certain transactions.  

Eligibility for EIB smartBusiness

Every corporate banking or personal banking customer with an account that pays vendors is eligible for the EIB smartBusiness. 

How to apply for EIB smartBusiness?

Emirates Islamic Business banking customers can visit the Emirates Islamic Bank website and look for a smartBusiness application form to get access to the smartBusiness portal. 

Ensure to fill the form with the right details.


Q. Personal banking users are eligible for the smartBusiness account?

A. Only customers with personal or business accounts that are used to make transfers to vendors are eligible for smartBusiness.

Q. What are the charges levied for foreign currency international payments?

A. For foreign currency domestic payments AED 55 is charged per transaction.

Q. What are the charges for foreign currency domestic payments?

A. For foreign currency domestic payments AED 40 is charged per transaction.

Q. What are the charges for bulk payments?

A. AED 15 per transaction is charged on Bulk domestic payments.

Q. What are the charges for salary transfer to employees?

A. For non-WPS salary transfer: AED 2 is charged and AED 0 for Emirates Islamic beneficiaries
For WPS salary transfer: AED 50 per file + AED 3 per beneficiary is charged and free for Emirates Islamic accounts.

Q. Can I change my smartBusiness password?

A. Yes. You can reset your EIB smartBusiness password.
- If you reset your password by yourself, there are no charges levied.
- If bank resets your passwords, AED 50 is charged.

Q. Are there any account subscription charges levied?

A. smartBusiness service charges AED 200 as a monthly subscription fee.


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