Quick Cash Loan in UAE

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Quick Cash Loan in UAE

All of us are always in a desperate need of cash. No matter how much amount we have in our bank account, without any cash in our hand we will always be considered poor. Banks in UAE have made it very easy for us, to avail a cash loan from them, as and when we require. Banks have also made the process of applying for loans exceptionally easy for their customers. Friendly norms of various banking institutes and advancement of technology have helped banks to raise their standards, and provide easy cash loans to their customers.

Rising popularity of Cash Loans

Cash loans have seen a rising popularity in UAE and the countries in Middle East, for both expatriates and nationals. Minimum requirements for cash loans is less compared to personal loans that we take from the bank.

Types of Cash Loans

Payday Loan: One type of cash loan that you can avail is a Payday loan. Payday loans are known as ‘dangerous emergency cash loans’, which can be availed upon the degree of emergency that you are facing. They can be availed when you don’t meet the requirement of minimum credit or income to avail a loan. Payday loans are generally considered to be the last resort when you are in an emergency. Payday loans are generally considered to be a bit expensive than any other loan you can take and can cost you a lot of APRs.

Title Loan: There is another type of cash loan called a Title loan, which is also considered to be another type of emergency cash loan. In this type of a loan, you can get cash but by risking important assets that you own.

Different banks that provide Quick Cash Loans

Emirates NBD Short Term Cash Loan

  • A minimum salary of AED 5000 is required
  • It comes with a reducing rate of 4.25%
  • Maximum tenure provided is 12 months
  • Regular payments are mandatory
  • Get a voucher of AED 500 on approval of loan
  • This loan covers all the shortfalls like credit card debt, rent, school fees and medical charges

ADCB Smart Cash Loan

  • A minimum salary of AED 8000 is required
  • Salary transfer is not required
  • Maximum finance of AED 150000 is provided
  • Maximum tenure provided on the finance is 3 years
  • Interest rate of 18% - 24% is charged on reducing basis

HSBC 12 Month Personal Loan

  • Loan applicants earning more than AED 7500 are eligible
  • UAE Residents 21-65 years
  • Customers who apply for a loan more than AED 50000, can receive 20000 air miles
  • The rates on this loan start from 5.99% calculated on reducing basis

FGB Quick Cash

  • Can get instant cash
  • Can transfer cash to your bank account
  • Maximum tenure provided is 36 months
  • Loan is provided on competitive rates

Najm Easy Cash Loan

  • Najm Credit cardholders can get loan on just calling the Najm Customer care
  • Loan is provided at a very competitive interest rates
  • Tenure provided is 3 - 36 months
  • 80% of the credit card is provided as maximum finance amount
  • No processing fees
  • No documentation is required