Best Cashback Credit Cards in UAE - April 2024

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Cash back credit card in UAE

Banks offer a wide range of credit card offers and rewards for cardholders. Cashback is one such reward system wherein the cardholder is paid a small percent of the expenses that are made using the credit card. Many banks offer a credit back to the card account with some give the cardholder an option of redeeming the cashback points for discounts, air miles, and other products/services. Cashback can be provided monthly or annually depending on the policy of the bank.

Best cashback credit card in UAE

Let’s look at a few banks and financial institutions that offer best cashback credit cards in UAE:

Credit CardCashback Offered
Citi Cashback Credit Card- 3% Automatic cashback on Non-AED spend
- 2% Cashback on grocery or supermarket purchase
- 1% Cashback on every purchase
- Unlimited access to 1000+ LoungeKey lounges worldwide
ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card1% cashback on every purchase
CBD Super Saver Credit Card10% cashback at Supermarkets, Education, Transport, etc.
RAK Bank Titanium Credit Card5% cashback at Supermarkets and Restaurants
Standard Chartered Platinum Credit cardUpto 2% cashback on every purchase
FAB Cashback Credit Card5% cashback at Supermarket, Utility, Fuel
HSBC Cashback Credit CardUpto 10% cashback on Fuel, Groceries & other expenses
Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit CardUpto 10% cashback at Supermarkets, dining, education & telecom

1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB]

ADIB offers cashback cards to reward cardholders for using their cards. It provides different cashback cards, amongst which ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card is known for the cashback provided on every usage of the card.

ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

  • 1% cashback on each and every purchase made using the card
  • 100% of the card limit can be withdrawn as cash
  • Up to 55 days of grace period for a monthly payment
  • No annual fees on four supplementary cards
  • Free access to Airport Lounges around the world via Veloce Lounge
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Free valet parking privileges

2. Citibank 

Citibank offers cashback cards to reward cardholders. It provides different cashback offers on every purchase the card holder makes and it stands as the best cashback credit card. 

Citi Cashback Credit Card

  • Get 3% cashback on non-AED spend,
  • Get 2% cashback on grocery & supermarket spend and 1% on all other spend, No caps (up to monthly credit limit) , no minimum spend, no redemption process and no spend categories excluded. 
  • No exclusion of retail purchases
  • Unlimited Global Airport lounge access
  • Instant cash loan facility on credit card
  • Easy installment plan for big and small purchases

3. Commercial Bank of Dubai

CBD provides several credit cards to fulfill the various benefits of their customers. Amongst the different credit cards provided, CBD Super Saver Credit Card is one of the best cashback credit cards in the UAE. It offers high cashback on every purchase made using the card. Along with the cashback it also provides travel and movie benefits as well.

CBD Super Saver Credit Card

  • CBD Super Saver Card was awarded as the "Most Innovative Card of the Year" at the Seamless Middle East Awards, 2019"
  • Can earn 10% cashback on retail spendings like utility bills, telecom bills, education, supermarket, transport, etc.
  • Can avail 2 free valet parking services per month at 15 locations in the UAE
  • Can get 50% OFF on tickets at Vox Cinemas in the UAE
  • Can get 8 free access(Per year) to airport lounges globally
  • Provides multi-trip travel insurance
  • Provides purchase protection
  • Can get 12% discount
  • Can get 8% OFF at

4. RAK Bank

RAK Bank Titanium Credit Card is one of the best cashback credit cards in the UAE region. It offers high cashback and other discounts and deals on the credit card.

RAK Bank Titanium Credit Card

  • No annual fees are charged lifelong
  • Can get 5% cashback on spending at supermarkets and selected restaurants
  • Can get up to 50% cashback on movie spends
  • Can get 2% standard cashback on domestic purchases, international purchases, international cash advance and online transactions
  • Free purchase protection can be availed on purchases made using the card
  • Free travel accident insurance is provided
  • Free supplementary cards can be availed
  • Can get exclusive travel discounts
  • Can avail Mastercard Buy1-Get1 free offers and discounts
  • Can get free access to airport lounges in Dubai, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Kuwait
  • Can get 20% OFF on careem rides

5. Standard Chartered Bank

Amongst the various credit cards provided by the standard chartered bank, Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card is the best that provides various privileges apart from the cashback. Some of the benefits provided on SCB Platinum Card are:

Standard Chartered Platinum Credit card

  • Can gain 1% cashback on domestic purchases
  • Can get 2% cashback on international expenses
  • Get unlimited free access to 20 airport lounges
  • Avail buy 1 get 1 free offer Costa Coffee
  • Can avail 20% discount on careem rides
  • Get up to 30% off on travel bookings made on
  • Can avail up to 10% off on bookings made at

6. First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) 

Along with several credit cards with various rewards, FAB Cashback Credit Card is one of the best cashback credit cards that offers high cashback on essentials like groceries, fuel, utility expenses. 

FAB Cashback Credit Card

  • Get AED 300 cashback as a welcome bonus 
  • Get 5% cashback on spending at supermarkets offline and online. Provided in the form of rewards. Earn 12.5 rewards per 1 AED.  
  • Get 5% cashback on utility expenses. Provided in the form of rewards. Earn 12.5 rewards per 1 AED.  
  • Get 5% cashback on fuel. Provided in the form of rewards. Earn 12.5 rewards per 1 AED. 
  • Get 1% cashback on retail expenses online and offline. Provided in the form of rewards. Earn 2.5 rewards per 1 AED.  
  • Get 2% cashback on non-AED expenses. Provided in the form of rewards. Earn 5 rewards per 1 AED.  
  • Get upto 10% cashback on Shop Smart at FAB Mobile app 
  • Avail movie tickets at AED 15 on weekdays and AED 20 during weekends at Reel Cinemas, Cine Royal Cinemas, Oscar Cinema
  • Get 20% off on Careem rides 
  • Get Buy 1 Get 1 free offer on Mastercard 
  • Get free unlimited access to 10 airport lounges 

7. HSBC 

HSBC Cashback Credit Card provides upto 10% cashback with a welcome bonus. Applicants can get a balance transfer at 0% interest for 24 months. 

HSBC Cashback Credit Card

  • Get 10% cashback on fuel expenses in the UAE
  • Get 3% cashback on groceries expenses in the UAE 
  • Get 1% cashback on all other expenses
  • Get 12% off on Agoda
  • Get discounts on Dine & Fly with DragonPass  
  • Get 12 free visits to 1000+ airport lounges through Loungekey 
  • Get 2 free airport rides per year through Careem 
  • Get multi-trip travel insurance 
  • Get 30% off on dining at selected locations 
  • Avail buy 1 get 1 free on Vox movie tickets 
  • 24-hour concierge service 
  • No annual fee in the first year 

8. Emirates Islamic Bank 

Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card is free for life credit card that offers upto 10% cashback. 

Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card 

  • Get upto 10% cashback at supermarkets 
  • Get upto 10% cashback on education 
  • Get upto 10% cashback on dining and telecom expenses
  • Get 2 rounds of golf for free at any time of the week 
  • Get make RTA related payments easily 
  • Get free access to airport lounges worldwide 
  • Get 2 “buy 1 get 1 free” movies tickets per month at Reel cinemas 
  • Get multi-trip travel insurance 

Things to consider before getting a cashback credit card in UAE

Before getting a cashback credit card in UAE, you must take the following aspects into consideration:

Spend eligibility – Some of the cards can come with a minimum spend criteria i.e. the cardholder must spend a significant amount (varies with the card) in order to avail the cashback offered. Make sure that you read the spend eligibility criteria carefully before applying for a cashback credit card.

Upper limits – Like the minimum spend requirement, most banks also have an upper limit on the maximum amount of cashback that can be availed by a cardholder or category-specific limits. These need to be carefully understood to avoid any discord with the bank.

Fine Print – Read the fine print. Is cashback available across all merchants or is it only with a pre-specified list of stores? Can you combine an offer along with availing a cashback? Not all the transactions will be eligible for cashback 

Validity - The cashback offered can have validity. Ensure you redeem the cashback earned within the validity. 

The cashback rate is an obvious factor that must be considered when you are looking for a cashback card. It also helps to understand and analyze your spending pattern as it can be aligned with the benefits offered by the credit card issuer. With a plethora of cashback credit cards in UAE, it is possible to find a card that matches your spending style. Some banks offer a higher cashback rate on groceries and utility bills while some offer better rates for travel-related transactions. This analysis can go a long way in maximizing your cashback rewards and can place the top cashback card in your wallet.


⭐ I want to cancel my credit card. Should I redeem the points before I cancel or can I do it later?

A. We would recommend redeeming your points before you cancel your card as most banks would not allow such a transaction. However, you may check with your bank if they can accommodate your request.

⭐ Is a higher cashback rate with an annual fee better than a lower cashback rate with no annual fee?

A. This depends on your spending pattern and on the other features of the card. If the cashback earned is higher than the annual fees then it is still profitable. See what is profitable for you and pick a card accordingly.

⭐ Do I get a cashback for the shopping done using the cashback points?

A. No. Cashback is awarded only when you transact using the credit card and repay the bank. Cashback bonus transactions don’t qualify for further cashback.

⭐ Do I get cashback if I exceed my credit limit of the card?

A. Banks might not offer cashback if you exceed the credit limit. Check with your card provider before your purchases beyond the credit limit.

⭐ Can I get cashback on cash withdrawal?

A. No. Most of the card providers don't offer cashback on cash withdrawal.

⭐ Will missing credit card payments make me lose the cashback earned?

A. Yes. You may lose the cashback earned if you miss the credit card payments.

⭐ Do I get cashback on international transactions?

A. It depends upon the card. If your card claims to offer cashback on international transactions, then you would get.

⭐ What is the eligible to get cashback?

A. If you get a card that offers cashback, you need to check if there any minimum spend requirement to be eligible for the cashback and spend accordingly.

⭐ What if I don't meet the minimum spend requirement to get cashback?

A. In order to get cashback, you must meet the minimum spend requirement (if any on the card).

⭐ Can I get cashback on supplementary cards as well?

A. Yes. Most of the card providers offer cashback on the supplementary card purchases as well. The cashback earned on supplementary cards will be credited to the primary card itself.

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