FAB Prepaid Cards

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FAB Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are considered as the best alternative to cash. Along with various financial services and products, FAB also offers Prepaid Cards which is used by organizations and individuals for cash management activities. It makes it easy for people right from using it instead of cash to paying bills and making transactions at ease. 

How to check FAB Balance?

FAB Prepaid Card holders can check the balance of the card in a simple and convenient way. Through FAB Balance enquiry, you can find out the balance available in your prepaid card, transaction history on the card, and recharge the card accordingly.  

Keep your FAB prepaid card available while checking the balance.

  • Enter the last two digits of the prepaid card. 
  • Ex: If your card number is “1234 1234 1234 5678”, Enter “78” 
  • Enter the Card ID provided on the prepaid card. Every prepaid card consists of the card id which is a unique combination of letters and numbers. Enter the ID without any errors. 
  • Click on GO

Prepaid cardholders can get free and convenient FAB balance enquiry in following these simple steps. 

FAB Bank Salary Check

FAB bank salary check process is simple and easy through FAB PPC page. Have your FAB prepaid card ready and follow the below steps for the FAB salary check: 

  • Open FAB Prepaid card Inquiry page 
  • Enter the last two digits of your prepaid card number in the first column provided on the page. 
  • Every prepaid card is given an ID on the left side of the card at the bottom. Enter the complete ID given below the card number in the next box on the page.  
  • Verify the details you've entered 
  • Click on "GO"

You can check FAB salary and balance details on the profile. 

List of FAB Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cardholders can get free and convenient FAB balance enquiry in following these simple steps. 

FAB offers a wide range of Prepaid cards for the customers with less limitations and high benefits. Corporates and Individuals can get FAB prepaid cards. 

List of Prepaid Cards can be availed by Employers. 

  • FAB Ratibi Prepaid Card 
  • FAB Payment Prepaid Card
  • FAB Prepaid Gift Card
  • FAB Multi Currency Prepaid Card

List of FAB Prepaid Cards can be availed by Individuals. 

FAB eDirham Prepaid Cards are for individuals. 

  • Blue eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Red eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Green eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Silver eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Gold eDirham Prepaid Card

There are different variants of eDirham Prepaid Cards provided. These cards are provided by FAB in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Finance. There is no FAB bank account required to get this card. The highlights of eDirham prepaid cards are as follows: 

Blue eDirham Prepaid CardRed eDirham Prepaid CardGreen eDirham Prepaid CardSilver eDirham Prepaid CardGold eDirham Prepaid Card
Issuance chargesAED 12AED 6AED 27AED 30AED 25
Personalized? Yes/NoNoNoYesYesYes
Expiry afterTwo YearsOne YearThree YearsThree YearsThree Years
Maximum BalanceAED 20,000AED 50,000AED 50,000AED 2,000,000AED 10,000,000
Cash withdrawal limit per transactionAED 5000AED 5000AED 5000NAAED 5000

Eligibility for FAB Prepaid Card

The eligibility criteria of the FAB prepaid card varies with each card. 

  • For Ratibi Prepaid Card, the employer issuing the card must have a corporate account at FAB
  • Only companies are eligible to get a FAB prepaid card
  • FAB eDirham Prepaid Card can be availed by UAE residents or non-residents as well

Benefits of a Prepaid Card

  • Bank account is not needed for the cardholders 
  • Can reload the card easily 
  • Can use it any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard cards
  • Can use it for cash withdrawal 
  • Can use it for online transactions, bill payments, etc 
  • Cardholders can get transaction statements for free
  • No minimum balance requirement 
  • Provides a mobile app 
  • Can get the details of the prepaid card easily using the online portal 
  • An exclusive card for government entities i.e. Multi Currency Prepaid Card
  • Can use the eDirham cards at government entities as well 

Reloading FAB Prepaid Cards

After the FAB balance enquiry, you can reload your prepaid card as per the maximum balance on the card and also the load amount per day.  

Prepaid cards can be reloaded by, 

  • Visiting any FAB ATMs centers or 
  • On FAB prepaid online portal  


Q. Can we reload the gift card as well?

A. No. The Prepaid Gift card is loaded once by the corporate and gifted. The maximum amount on it is AED 3500 and can’t be reloaded.

Q. Can individuals avail the FAB prepaid cards?

A. No. FAB Prepaid cards are exclusive for the corporates. However, individuals can avail FAB eDirham Prepaid Cards.

Q. How to activate the FAB prepaid card?

A. There is no separate activation required for the FAB prepaid cards.

Q. Are there any charges levied for FAB balance enquiry?

A. No. FAB Balance enquiry is provided for free which can be availed at any time and anywhere.

Q. Do we need to get an account at FAB to get the prepaid card?

A. Only for FAB Ratibi Prepaid Card, the company needs to hold a FAB corporate account. For other cards, the cardholders need not have an account in FAB.

Q. Can we reset the PIN of the prepaid card?

A. Yes. You can reset your FAB prepaid card PIN by visiting the Prepaid Online Portal.

Q. What are the documents required for non-residents to get the FAB eDirham Prepaid Card?

A. Non-residents need to provide a copy of the passport as the document to get FAB eDirham Prepaid Card.

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