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ADCB TouchPoints

One of the best benefits of a credit card is the rewards. About 60% of them get a credit card only because of the rewards. ADCB is known for providing the best benefits to the customers. It offers an exclusive facility known as TouchPoints. Each time you use your ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card, you will get rewarded. The best thing about ADCB TouchPoints is they are not restricted to the credit card holders, every ADCB customer can avail these.

What are ADCB TouchPoints?

ADCB TouchPoints are the rewards that are provided each time you avail some service from ADCB i.e simply using any product or service form ADCB can earn you some rewards. The services can be anything right from a Savings account to a Personal Loan. These are particularly designed for the ADCB customers.

On what Products & Services TouchPoints are available?

TouchPoints are not limited to any particular product or service. These are available for all banking products and services at ADCB.

Here’s a list of Products & Services from ADCB providing TouchPoints-

  • Savings Account
  • Current Account
  • ADCB Credit Cards
  • ADCB Debit Cards
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Smart Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Investment Products
  • Insurance Products
  • Electronic Channels

How to subscribe to ADCB TouchPoints?

Every ADCB customer is automatically subscribed to the TouchPoints service. The TouchPoints that are earned will be updated in your TouchPoints account.

How to earn ADCB TouchPoints?

TouchPoints rewards will depend on the Product or Service you are utilizing. The more you utilize the services, the more TouchPoints are added.

Current/Savings/Deposits Account

TouchPoints on the deposits, savings or current account depends on the monthly average balance maintained. About 10 - 300 TouchPoints are earned depending on the account type and balance maintained.

Credit Cards

ADCB TouchPoints are provided on all the three types of credit cards Standard, Platinum and Titanium/Gold. TouchPoints are earned on each usage of your ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card. You get rewarded for each and every dirham spent. You get about 0.5 - 4 TouchPoints on every dirham spent(Varies with the credit card type). ADCB TouchPoints Credit cards provide a choice of selecting your rewards category.

Debit Cards

You get about 1 - 4 TouchPoints on every dirham spent using ADCB Debit Card, be it on a local purchase or international purchase.


Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Smart Loan and Car Loan holders can get benefited from ADCB TouchPoints. About 50 - 300 TouchPoints are earned which depends on the loan amount and type. Even timely payments are also taken into consideration i.e make sure you pay your installments on time without much delay. For the loan holders, TouchPoints will be available 30 days before the end of the tenure.

Electronic Channels

Customers of ADCB Internet Banking, ADCB Mobile Banking, ADCB Mobile app can also avail TouchPoints. About 50 - 500 TouchPoints are earned on each usage of the electronic channels facility. The reward points will depend on the usage of the channel and the type of service opted.

How to redeem ADCB TouchPoints?

If you are ADCB Internet Banking user, you can check the TouchPoints available and can redeem them with the redeem option or can call ADCB customer care and follow the instructions.

These TouchPoints are valid till a specific period of time i.e maximum of 3 years and cannot be transferred to some other account.

Use of ADCB TouchPoints

TouchPoints can be redeemed on the vouchers from the Top brands. The vouchers provided can be redeemed for any service or product.

You can redeem your ADCB TouchPoints on the following products or services-

  • Travel vouchers from Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau,, Emirates Skywards, Etihad Guest and few other travel agencies.
  • Entertainment & Leisure vouchers from Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Antara, Al Raha Beach Hotel, Aqua play theme park, Concorde Hotels and much more.
  • Dining vouchers from Al Basha Restaurant, Asha’s Restaurant, Avasa Kitchen, Asia Republic, Boa Steakhouse, Starbucks, etc.,
  • Electronics vouchers from Panasonic, One mobile, Axiom telecom, E-max, Jacky’s, and much more.
  • Shopping vouchers from Aldo, Arrow, Ansar Gallery, Claire’s, Colorplus, H&M, Xpressions, Topshop, Topman, Titan, Skechers, Next, Oasis, Mothercare and much more.
  • Jewellery vouchers from Damas, Kalyan Jewellers, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Farah, Lifestyle jewelry, Sky Jewellery, Joyalukkas, etc.,

You can visit ADCB TouchPoints Rewards page, select any of these vouchers and redeem them with your available TouchPoints. The voucher amount depends on the TouchPoints you gained. You can redeem your vouchers instantly, also by visiting any of the merchant locations with your ADCB Credit card or Debit card and redeem the TouchPoints on the bill amount.


Q. Can I redeem my ADCB TouchPoints for cash?

A. No, You can’t redeem your ADCB TouchPoints to cash.

Q. How long are the ADCB TouchPoints valid?

A. Your ADCB TouchPoints are valid until 3 years from the day of account activation.

Q. When will my TouchPoints account get activated?

A. Your TouchPoints account will get activated immediately once you opt a product or service from ADCB.

Q. I have a savings account and a credit card. So will I have two TouchPoints accounts?

A. If you have your saving account and credit under same customer ID then you will have only one ADCB TouchPoints account.

Q. Can I redeem my ADCB TouchPoints on two vouchers?

A. Yes, if you have enough TouchPoints to buy, then you can get two vouchers.

Q. How to know whether my TouchPoints account is active?

A. Your TouchPoints account will never go dormant. You can check with the bank or visit ADCB Internet banking portal.

Q. Do I need to get ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card, to avail this benefit?

A. No, You can get TouchPoints automatically on your ADCB Standard, Platinum, Titanium Credit Cards.

Q. What is the membership fees on ADCB TouchPoints?

A. You can avail TouchPoints service for free. There are no fees for ADCB TouchPoints membership.