Personal Loan for AED 2500 salary in UAE

Minimum Salary

Interest Rate

Loan Amount

Reducing Rate

Personal Loan for AED 2500 salary in UAE

It is highly unlikely for banks in UAE to offer loans with salary less than AED 3000. But there are few banks which do provide personal loan in UAE with a minimum monthly salary of as low as AED 2500. But the chances of availing these loans depend on your profile as the risk of default is high. Some of the options you can try are Emirates Money loan against deposit and Simplylife Personal loan. But there are certain things obligations attached with it and your favorability of availing these loans depends on case to case. Such as for Emirates money loan against the deposit, your loan amount will be based on the deposit amount.

FAQ’s regarding personal loans with monthly salary AED 2500

Q.I am an expat can I avail these loans?

A.Yes, you certainly can, provided you meet the eligibility requirements.

Q. How likely are my chances to avail these loans?

A. If you have a good credit history then your chances of availing the loan gets increased, and you can also enjoy waivers, such as the salary transfer requirement and also nominal interest rates. But the chances of availing with AED 2500 is very less because the bank is at a high risk with low salary.

Q.On what circumstances, with salary AED 2500, will my probability for availing a personal loan increase?

A.Your probability of availing a personal loan with salary AED 2500 will increase if other things such as accomodation, transport and similar expenses are borne by the company and your salary AED 2500 does not include any expenses other than your living expense.

Q. Up to how much amount can I avail?

A. It depends proportionally on your deposit amount, max AED 5000K for Emirates money loan against deposit and up to AED 1,500,000 in the case of the Simplylife personal loan.

Q. Are there any other options for salary less than AED 5000

A.Yes, There are. Check Personal loan with salary AED 3000 in UAE andPersonal loan with salary AED 4000 in UAE

Q. What is a personal loan against deposit?

A. You need to invest in a bank fixed deposit, and you can avail a loan against it without having to break it. This is similar to a personal loan. However, the loan is structured as an overdraft facility against your fixed deposits.

Q. Does the company I work for needs to be listed on the banks approved list of companies?

A. No, it is not necessary for your company to be listed but for the Simplylife personal loan, the company you work for is required to be on the list of approved company. And for unconfirmed employees, they have a separate program. Hence, you being new wouldn’t hamper your loan requirement.

Q. Do I need to give any collateral for these loans?

A. No, there is no requirement of collateral, however, the Emirates Money’s Loan against Deposits is given based on your deposit amount.

Documents required

This may vary from bank to bank or circumstances.

  • Loan application form – completed and duly signed.
  • Some identity documents like Passport, copy of the VISA, Emirates ID, etc.
  • For Expatriates – Valid Passport with a valid UAE residence Visa.
  • Salary certificate and/or salary transfer letter
  • Statement(s) of your bank account(s)
  • For self-employed individuals – Trade License


Like documents, this may vary too from bank to bank:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must be currently employed and working for around one-to-six months minimum (varies from bank to bank)
  • Minimum salary must be AED 2500 or more.
  • Usually, you are required to transfer your salary to the bank from which you are availing the Personal Loan.
  • You must pay back the loan before you turn 65 years (for expatriates) and 60 years (for UAE Nationals).