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Credit cards have become a lifestyle necessity for people in the UAE. With an increase in usage of credit cards and healthy competition, banks have started offering bundles of benefits and amazing credit card offers in uae with each card for specific purposes.  

Best Credit Cards in the UAE (October 2019)

Cashback Credit Cards

Rewards Credit Cards

Movies Credit Cards

Travel Credit Cards

Cashback Credit Cards

1. Standard Chartered Platinum Card 
standard chartered credit card

Standard Chartered bank Platinum Card provides unparalleled offers. This is most useful for people who use their credit card on daily basis for grocery shopping, school fees, dining, and entertainment. 

Standard Chartered Platinum Card comes with the perks such as:

  • Cashback up to 10% in grocery stores
  • Cashback on utility payments, up to 10%
  • Cashback on school fees up to 10%
  • Three 20% discounted Careem rides per month

Fees and charges for the Platinum card

  • Annual fee AED 525
  • Minimum salary AED 5000 

Good for: Frequent shoppers. Can save up to AED 18,000 per annum on using Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card.

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2. Majid Al Futtaim (Najm) Platinum Cashback Card 
najm card

It is one of the most benefiting credit card available for everyday spending purposes. This provides high discounts on travel and leisure. This card is provided on no annual fees and on low fees & charges. 

The Najm Platinum Cashback Card comes with perks such as:

  • Cashback 1.5%-3% on Carrefour every day and 0.5% on your daily expenditure.
  • Travel discounts up to 50%
  • Up to 30% off on dining, shopping, travel, and entertainment at selected outlets in UAE
  • Buy-one-get-one-free offers on movie tickets at any VOX cinema in the UAE.

Fees and charges levied by the bank on Najm Platinum Cashback card

  • Minimum salary AED 7000
  • Annual fee AED 0 

Good for: Shoppers looking for 0 annual fees card with a high cashback. Can save up to AED 200 every month on using the card.

Citi Credit Card

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3. Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card

Mashreq smart carddd-01

Mashreq bank provides a high range of cashback on everyday spendings. It offers cashback at supermarkets, auto rentals, online shopping and much more. There is no maximum limit cap to avail cashback. This is the best credit card in Dubai for frequent shoppers. 

Mashreq SmartSaver Card comes with perks such as:

  • Up to 6% cashback on online purchases
  • Up to 8% cashback on groceries, fashion, jewelry, etc.
  • 0.5% cashback on every dirham spent in UAE
  • 1% cashback on every dirham spent outside UAE
  • Free travel insurance

Fees and charges on Mashreq SmartSaver Card

  • No Annual Fee
  • Minimum salary AED 5000

Good for: Shoppers who use a credit card on every purchase

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4. RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card 
rakbank titanium card

RAKBANK titanium credit card provides holistic benefits and privileges to its members. It provides high cashback on everyday purchases. It provides travel, dining and entertainment benefits. 

RAKBank Titanium card comes with features such as

  • 5% Cashback on Supermarkets, Dining & Fuel
  • Up to 50% Cashback on Cinemas
  • 2% Cashback on your Domestic & International Retail Purchase Transactions, Internet Transactions, and International Cash Advances
  • Unlimited complimentary access to over 10 VIP lounges in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Kuwait, and Jordan airport.

Fees and charges of the RAKBANK Titanium card

  • Minimum salary AED 10000
  • Annual fee AED 0

Good for: Shoppers and movie lovers looking for high cashback on 0 annual fees card. 

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5. CBD Super Saver Credit Card 

CBD Super Saver Credit Card

As the name suggests, CBD super saver is one of the best credit cards in Dubai that help in saving on every purchase made using the credit card.

Offers provided on CBD Super Saver card are

  • Provides 10% cashback on retail spendings
  • Get 1% cashback on every AED 2 spent on other purchases
  • 50% OFF can be availed at VOX Cinemas
  • Get 2 free valet parking services

Fees and Charges

  • Minimum salary AED 12000
  • Annual fees AED 800(first year free)

Good for: Frequent shoppers who are looking for cashback card and uses a credit card on monthly regular expenses           

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Rewards Credit Cards

6. ADIB Value+ Credit Card 
ADIB Value+ credit card

ADIB Value+ Credit Card offers rewards on purchases made using the card. It offers rewards which can be redeemed on shopping, travel, etc. 

ADIB Value+ Card contains offers such as 

  • Can get 25% off at selected restaurants 
  • Can get 1 reward point of every 1 AED spent 
  • Access to airport lounges 
  • Cash withdrawal of 100% credit limit  

Fees and Charges

  • Minimum salary of AED 5000
  • Annual fees AED 0

Good for: Frequent credit card users. Can redeem reward points and save a lot of money. 

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7. Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card

emirates nbd titanium credit card

The Emirates NBD titanium credit card offers a range of discounts on lifestyle expenses. The card provides the best rewards for all your domestic and international retail spends. This card is known for the “Plus Points” provided. 

The benefits of Emirates NBD Titanium Card are:

  • 40% discount at over 100 golf courses worldwide.
  • Discounts on air tickets and holiday packages.
  • Redeemable vouchers for every AED 100 retail spend on your card, you will earn 1 Plus Points.
  • Airport lounge access.

Fees and charges for the Titanium Credit Card

  • Minimum salary AED 5000
  • Annual fee AED 400

Good for: Retail shoppers and travelers. Can save up to AED 300 on your monthly spendings.  

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8. FAB Platinum Visa Credit card

fab platinum visa card

FAB Platinum Mastercard provides a wide range of lifestyle privileges and discounts in UAE and throughout the world. It provides FAB Stars on every AED spent and high travel benefits as well. 

Some of the features of FAB Platinum card are:

  • Earn up to 1.75 FAB Stars for every AED 1 spent.
  • Lifestyle benefits including discounts on movies & access to fitness clubs.
  • Travel benefits including Meet & Greet, airport transportation & lounge access
  • Complimentary travel insurance on purchasing tickets using the card.

Fees and charges for the Platinum credit card

  • Annual fee AED 0
  • Minimum salary AED 8000

Good for: Frequent moviegoers and travelers looking for 0 annual fees card.

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9. ADCB Touchpoints Infinite Card 
adcb touchpoints card

This card offers a high range of dining, entertainment and leisure benefits. It provides rewards on every dirham spent using the card. 

Benefits that can be availed on ADCB Traveller Card are, 

  • Earn 1.5 touchpoints per 1 AED spent using the card
  • Can get bonus touchpoints of 15,000 on spending AED 15K each month 
  • Free 2 night stays at selected hotels 
  • Buy 1 – Get 1 free offer on movie tickets 
  • Can get 1 Coffee free at Caribou Coffee 
  • Get 50% OFF on careem rides during weekends

Fees and Charges 

  • Minimum salary AED 40000
  • Annual fees AED 1,050  

Good For: Frequent shoppers who can avail benefits on every purchase they make

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10. FAB Standard Credit Card 

FAB Standard Card is one of the best rewards credit cards in the UAE. It offers a wide range of benefits for the cardholders 

Benefits provided on FAB Standard Card are, 

  • Earn 2 First reward points on every 1 AED spent 
  • Can get free access to airport lounges globally 
  • Can get up to 5% cashback on spendings made using the card

Fees and Charges 

  • Minimum salary AED 5000
  • Annual fees AED 0  

Good For: Frequent shoppers and credit card users. 

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Movie Credit Cards 

11. Dubai First Platinum Life Card

dubai first platinum card

Dubai first Platinum life card boasts about the privileges and benefits it offers, that no other card in its category can deliver. It provides offers on movie tickets, dining, leisure, etc.

Benefits on Dubai First Platinum Life Card are

  • Buy-1-Get-1-Free movie tickets
  • Complimentary airport lounge access.
  • Valet parking service at selected locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Special offers and discounts on lifestyle, entertainment, shopping, dining, jewelry, wellness and more
  • Insurance protection

Fees and charges for the Platinum life card

  • Minimum salary of AED 8000
  • Annual fee is AED 0 for the first year, renewal AED 550

Good for: Avid travelers and movie lovers.

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12. Mashreq Novo Credit Card  

This is one of the exclusive credit cards that is designed for high discounts on movie tickets. 

Offers provided on Mashreq Novo Card are,

  • Get 50% discount on up to 8 movie tickets per month 
  • Can get free multi-trip travel insurance 
  • Free access to airport lounges in the middle east region 

Fees and Charges 

  • Minimum salary AED 5000
  • Annual fees AED 300  

Good for: Frequent moviegoers 

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13. SimplyLife Cashback Credit Card 

Simply Life offers high cashback on the purchases made using the card along with the free movie tickets. 

Benefits provided on the SimplyLife Card are, 

  • 1% cashback on all the expenses made using the card 
  • Can get 2 movie tickets for free per month 
  • Free access to airport lounges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi region

Fees and Charges 

  • Minimum salary AED 8000
  • Annual fees AED 0  

Good for: Individuals who use credit cards frequently and for movie lovers  

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Travel Credit Cards

14. ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card 
adib card

If you are a frequent traveler then this ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card is the card for you. ADIB has made sure it covers every single corner and provide the best basket of an offer for the travelers.

ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card contains offers such as

  • 50,000 Etihad Guest miles upon joining.
  • On international non-AED transactions, you will receive 3 Etihad Guest miles for every AED 4 equivalent spent and 2.2 Guest miles per every AED 4 spent locally.
  • Free companion ticket.
  • Valet parking at selected locations in the UAE
  • Free roadside assistance 24/7 across the UAE

Fees and charges of the Etihad visa platinum card

  • Annual fee AED 700
  • Minimum salary AED 5000

Good for: Frequent flyers. Can save on your companion’s travel ticket.

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15. HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card 

hsbc credit card

HSBC Platinum Select credit card provides you with all the global benefits that HSBC offer without the need to open a bank account with. It provides travel benefits on every AED spent.

Benefits on HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card are

  • 30% off at selected restaurants
  • 15% off on careem rides
  • 50% off on movie tickets at VOX Cinemas in the UAE
  • Earn 1 Air Mile for every AED 4 spent on the card

Fees and charges for the Platinum Select credit card

  • No Annual Fees
  • Minimum salary AED 5000

Good for: Frequent moviegoers, diners, travelers and careem riders.

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16. Union National Bank Titanium Credit Card

unb credit card

UNB Titanium credit card is one of the most exclusive premium card offered by UNB. It provides high travel and movie benefits on low charges. This provides UNB miles on every AED spent using the card.  

The exclusive benefits on UNB Titanium credit card are

  • Welcome bonus of up to AED 500 is provided as UNBmiles 
  • 1.5 UNB miles for every AED 1 you spend (local) and 3 UNBmiles for every AED 1 spent (international).
  • Airport lounge access in UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
  • 0% interest for 3 months on travel purchases
  • Free emergency auto assistance
  • 50% movie cashback as UNB miles

Fees and charges for the Titanium credit card

  • Annual fee AED 0
  • Minimum salary AED 8000

Good for: Frequent credit card users and travelers.

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17. ADCB Traveller Credit Card  

ADCB provides amazing discounts on the travel bookings made using the Traveller Credit Card. 

Offers provided on ADCB Traveller Card are, 

  • 20% OFF on flight ticket bookings 
  • 20% OFF on hotel reservations 
  • Up to 6 free night stays at selected hotels worldwide 
  • Free access to airport lounges 
  • 2 touchpoints can be earned per 1 AED spent using the card 

Fees and Charges 

  • Minimum salary AED 30000
  • Annual fees AED 1,050  

Good for: Frequent travelers 

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This ends the list, there are a number of best credit card in UAE offering various benefits. It is advisable that you read the fine print and go through the terms and conditions regarding every single offer before selecting a particular card.  

Compare Top Credit Cards – Annual Fees & Key Benefits

Card NameMinimum Salary(in AED)Annual Fees (in AED)Key Benefits
Standard Chartered Platinum Card5000525Shopping & Cashback
Majid Al Futtaim (Najm) Platinum Cashback Card70000Shopping, Dining, Travel & Entertainment
Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card50000Shopping & Cashback
RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card100000Movies & Cashback
CBD Super Saver Credit Card12000 800 (first year free)Cashback
ADIB Value+ Credit Card50000Shopping and Rewards
Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card5000400Travel & Leisure Rewards
FAB Platinum Visa Credit card80000Rewards
ADCB Touchpoints Infinite card400001,050Rewards
FAB Standard Card50000Rewards
Dubai First Platinum Life Card8000 550 (first year free)Travel & Movies
Mashreq Novo Credit Card5000300Movies
SimplyLife Credit Card80000Movies & Cashback
ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card50002000Travel & Guest Miles
HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card50000Travel & Movies
Union National Bank Titanium Credit Card80000Travel
ADCB Traveller Card30,0001050Travel

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Top 5 Factors to consider before getting a credit card

There are certain things you must consider before getting a credit card in UAE

Usage pattern

Know your spending habits and get a card which is more beneficial.

Fees and charges

Check the fees and charges associated with a credit card like annual fees, late payment charges, cash withdrawal charges, charges on exceeding the credit limit and few more. 

Cashback rewards

There are several credit cards in Dubai providing cashback on using the card, check which card gives you more cashback offers

Spending rewards and points  

Credit cards provide exclusive discounts and points for using their cards which can be redeemed for various benefits like airport lounge access, golf club access and much more.

Interest rates

Go for the cards that are provided on low-interest rates. Compare credit cards in UAE and pick the best one. 

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