How to check Abu Dhabi Police Fine On Emirates ID 

Abu Dhabi policemen levy a high amount of penalty for speeding and parking vehicles at wrong on the wrong side. If you want to know whether you got penalized on traffic fines then you should check on the official website portal of Abu Dhabi Police or on the mobile app. Here in this article, we provide you with detailed information on different types of ways you can check for traffic fines on Emirates ID.

Checking Fines in Abu Dhabi

A perfect system is created by the Abu Dhabi police which provides a facility for residents to check penalties imposed on traffic violations. There are 3 web portals where the residents can check the status of the penalties. 

  1. Abu Dhabi Police’s official website
  2. Abu Dhabi Police’s mobile app
  3. Sahl (Smart Teller) kiosk 

Here you can check police traffic fine enquiry using the Abu Dhabi official website and mobile app. 

1. Abu Dhabi Police official website

You can use the Emirates ID to check fines in Abu Dhabi. The police department official website is used for checking the fines. When you are visiting the official website you can find the options for checking traffic fines. 

  • You can use the options for inquiring about traffic number
  • You can inquire by using the vehicle plate number
  • Inquire using Emirates ID
  • Inquire using a driving license

You can select to check fines using the Emirates ID option. After you select the option you will be required to provide an Emirates ID number. After entering the details fill in the Captcha and select the submit button. After selecting the submit you will be directed to another page where details of fines will be shown along with a few below details.

  • Score earned
  • No of fines
  • Total pending amt
  • Vehicle number
  • License
  • Location, date of fine, and year

If there are no penalties on Emirates ID then you will be receiving a message that no penalties are pending on the Emirates ID.

2. Abu Dhabi Police’s mobile app

You can check the status of your fines using the Abu Dhabi police mobile app. In just a few minutes you can check and pay penalties. This app can be used for renewing the driving license, reporting misplaced or damaged registration cards or renewing vehicle registration. This mobile app is available on the google play store and Apple store.

You can sign into the app, and provide details like Emirates ID, mobile number and other details. Provide vehicle details on the app and after doing this you will be able to see a list of fines on the screen. Check if the details are correct and pay the fines.  

3. Sahl (Smart Teller) kiosk

Using the smart teller kiosk you can renew your vehicle registration, license plate and also pay penalties. Smart teller service centers are available at integrated service centers and Adnoc Service stations. 33 machines which include 6 Al Ain and 7 Al Dhafra have been set up in Abu Dhabi.

The motorist should insert their Emirates ID in Kiosk which will display vehicles in their name. The Motorist should then cross check the penalties and payment should be done accordingly. 

These services were introduced to provide quick and efficient services to the motorist. 

Take away

Abu Dhabi police have streamlined the process of checking the fines and have enhanced the services to the citizens. The users can stay updated on the traffic fines by visiting the website or mobile app or kiosk. The ministry of the interior app also provides the facility to check the fines. If you do not have any fines then it will be displayed as no penalties. 

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