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List of top banks in UAE

UAE has emerged as the trading hub of the middle east. Due to its favorable and competitive business environment, it has attracted investors and entrepreneurs from all over the globe, which in turn has made UAE a financial pivot. Banks in UAE are regulated and monitored by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. Along with the Islamic banks which are growing rapidly, there are 23 domestic banks and 28 foreign banks in the country.

Despite the challenges and sustaining oil price fluctuation, reducing investors’ confidence, the following banks have still recorded an impeccable growth in terms of assets and net profits.



Popular account


Personal banking, Private banking, Corporate banking FAB Savings account

Emirates NBD

Personal banking, Private banking, Priority banking, Wholesale banking, Business banking Emirates NBD Savings account


Islamic banking, Personal and Corporate banking ADCB Savings account

Emirates Islamic 

Personal banking, Business banking, and Employee banking Kunooz Savings account


Personal banking, Business banking, Johara Ladies, Wealth Management scheme DIB Savings account


Personal, Business, and Islamic Banking UNB Savings account


Personal banking, Business banking, Private banking ADIB Savings account


Personal banking, Islamic banking, wholesale banking RAK Bank Current account


Personal, Business, and Islamic banking NBF Savings account

Mashreq Bank

Personal, Corporate, International, and Islamic banking  Mashreq Bank Savings account

1. First Abu Dhabi Bankfab

Bank Overview–  The First AbuDhabi Bank is the largest equity-based bank in the UAE that offers all tailor-made solutions and products to its customers. They tend to provide customer-friendly banking experience and support their shareholder’s financial growth. It has an extensive network with branches all around the world.

Popular products:

  • FAB Personal Loan – It offers different types of personal loans. FAB provides a personal loan for people new to the UAE or employment as well. The interest rate of FAB personal loan for starts from 1.62% and the minimum salary required to apply is AED 7K.
  • FAB Credit Card – It offers 19 credit cards with a bundle of benefits catering to every specific need of the customer. Minimum salary requirement for FAB credit card ranges from AED 5-40K and interest rates from 3.25%.

  Unique services:

  • FAB Accelerator – helps you personalize your banking experience. It comes with 3 choices, booster, booster plus, and turbo booster. You’re required to open a Current Account with FAB with a monthly balance transfer of at least AED 15,000
  • FAB at Work – supporting organizations as they expand by facilitating employees’ onboarding and financial needs.

Total Assets and Net Profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 744 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 12 Billion(As of December 2018)

2.  Emirates NBD emirates nbd logo

Bank Overview– The Emirates NBD 2007 merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD), gave birth to the largest amalgamation as it combined the second and fourth largest banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to form a banking empire with the largest asset base in the GCC.

Popular products:

  • Emirates NBD Credit Card – It offers 15 credit cards, each catering to various needs of the consumer. The interest rate charges for Emirates NBD credit card ranges from 1.49-3.09% and the minimum salary requirement ranges from AED 5-30K.
  • Emirates NBD Personal Loan – It offers 6 personal loans, each designed for specific consumers. Such as personal cash loan, personal loan for self-employed individuals, personal loan for expats and UAE nationals. The interest rates on Emirates NBD bank loan starts from 5.49-19.99%.

  Unique services:

  • Factoring Services – to improve your company’s cash flows and maximize the use of current assets. It will solve your problems in administering and monitoring local and export receivables.
  • Wakala Deposits – Wakala is a Shari’a compliant contract in which you as a customer can authorize the Wakil (the Bank) to invest funds in Shari’a approved activities for profits.

  Total assets and Net profit: 

  • Total Assets – AED 500 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 10 Billion(As of December 2018)

3. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) abu dhabi commercial bank logo

Bank OverviewADCB stands among the top 3 banking giants in UAE. Its 58% shares are being held by Abu Dhabi Investment Council which works directly with the Abu Dhabi government.

  Popular products:

  • ADCB Personal Loan – It offers 10 personal loans, each of them personalized to cater specific needs or individuals. Such as rental loan, smart finance, personal loan for expats and UAE nationals. The interest rates for ADCB personal loan ranges from 4.99-16% and the minimum salary requirement ranges from AED 5-10K.
  • ADCB Business Loan – ADCB offers various business solution products catering to various needs of the clients, such as; Business insta-loan, commercial assets, and equipment finance, working capital and commercial real estate. ADCB business loan is provided in an approval time of 7 days and the processing fee charged is 2% and an interest rate of 17%.

  Unique services:

  • Offshore Account: an offshore account refers to an account outside your residing country, it helps you to manage multiple currencies from anywhere in the world.
  • Treasury Services: ADCB Treasury, trading, and structuring takes place in Abu Dhabi and makes ADCB very responsive to client needs.

Total Assets and Net Profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 279 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 4 Million(As of December 2018)

4. Emirates Islamic Bank Emirates islamic

Bank Overview– Emirates Islamic Bank is of the best banks in UAE that provides products that are shari’a compliant. They provide products and services that are beneficial for the customers and the stakeholders as well.

Popular products:

  • Emirates Islamic Credit cards – It offers 9 different credit cards that provide various benefits like cashback, skywards miles, and dining discounts. The minimum salary required for an Emirates Islamic credit card is AED 5000.
  • Emirates Islamic Personal loans – Emirates Islamic provides personal loans for expats and UAE nationals. They offer free credit cards on personal loans. The minimum salary required for an Emirates Islamic personal loan is AED 5000.

Unique Products

  • E-savings account – Provides an online savings account that offers profit up to 2%. This account is offered with no withdrawal limits. It follows sharia-based principles.
  • Banking services – It offers all the banking products that run on Islamic principles. All the products are provided with a wide range of benefits.

Total Assets and Net Profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 58 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 924 Million(As of December 2018)

5. Dubai Islamic Bank dubai islamic bank logo

Bank OverviewDubai Islamic Bank has been awarded as the best Islamic bank in the region. The bank maintains a close personal relationship with its customers and is based on the foundation of trust.

Popular products:

  • DIB Personal Loan – It offers 9 personal loans, designed specially to serve various needs of the consumers. The interest rate charged for Dubai Islamic Bank personal loan starts from 11% and the minimum salary requirement ranges from AED 3-50K.
  • DIB Credit Card – It offers 20 credit cards, to serve all the various needs of a consumer. The interest rate charged on DIB credit card starts from 0-3.25% and the minimum salary requirement from AED 5-50K.

  Unique services:

  • Johara Ladies: state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of innovative banking products in compliance with Sharia
  • Investment Products-Islamic Sukuk: Dubai Islamic Bank Treasury provides the most competitive prices on the market traded Sukuks and other Sharia-compliant securities along with custodial services.

   Total Assets and Net Profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 223.7 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 5 Billion(As of December 2018)

6. Union National Bank union national bank logo

Bank Overview– It is owned jointly by the government of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Union National Bank has its subsidiary, The Al Wifaq Finance Company which provides a financial solution to individuals and business.

Popular products:

  • UNB Business Loan – The Union National Bank loan is designed specifically to serve the urgent money requirement of businesses. It comes with an interest rate of 16.5% and maximum loan amount offered is AED 2 million.
  • UNB Credit Card – It offers 11 credit cards, each credit card designed to serve various needs of consumers. The interest rate charged for UNB bank credit card ranges from 2.69-3% and the minimum salary requirement is from AED 5-30K

  Unique services:

  • Rent Loan: A loan to cover a full year’s rent on your UAE residence of choice, with an interest rate of 9%
  • Al Maha Account for Women: A bank account with just AED100 as opening deposit. You can track your daily expenses and control your monthly budget.

  Total Assets and Net profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 107 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 1,186 Million(As of December 2018)

7. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) abu dhabi islamic bank logo

Bank OverviewADIB has 70 branches and 460 ATMs. it is publicly owned. ADIB strives to deliver their promises.

  Popular products

  • ADIB Personal Loan – It provides 10 personal loans, every loan designed specifically to serve the required purpose. The interest rate charged for ADIB personal loan starts from 6.75-6.99% and the minimum salary required is AED 8K.
  • ADIB Credit Card – It provides 17 credit cards, each designed to serve the various purposes. The ADIB credit card offers a bundle of benefits, it comes with an interest rate of 0.83-3.09% and the minimum salary requirement is AED 5-30K

  Unique services:

  • Global Transaction Banking: Global Transaction Banking (GTB) offers efficient and cost-effective Cash & Trade Management solutions to meet the working capital needs of corporate and financial institutions, both domestically and globally across all industry segments.

Total Assets and Net Profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 125 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 2,501 Million(As of December 2018)

8. National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah (RAKBANK)rakbank logo

Bank OverviewRAK Bank network consists of 33 branches in the United Arab Emirates, 52.75% of RAKBANK is owned by the government. They have bagged awards such as SME Bank of the Year’ by the Arabian Business StartUp Awards 2016, best internet banking product of the year award in the Middle East by The Asian Banker.

  Popular products:

  • RAKBANK Business Loan – It provides 4 business loans, designed to cater various business-related finance. The RAKBANK business loan is offered with a maximum finance of up to AED 3 million.
  • RAKBANK Credit Card – It provides 4 credit cards, each offering a bundle of various benefits. The RAKBANK credit card is provided with an interest rate of 2.95-3.19% and a minimum salary requirement of AED 5-35K

  Unique services:

  • Business Equipment Finance – for equipments such as commercial vehicle, medical equipment, construction equipment and general equipment.
  • RAKmoney transfer facilities to India, Nepal, Sri lanka, Philippines.

Total assets and Net profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 52.7 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit – AED 917.5 Million(As of December 2018)

9. National Bank of Fujairah national bank of fujairah logo

Bank Overview –  National Bank of Fujairah has attained a pioneering position amongst the top banks in the region. It has achieved recognition at the 2017 Banker Middle East UAE Product Awards on “Best Customer Service – Corporate & Investment Banking”; “Best Treasury Management”, “Best SME Internet Banking Service”, “Best SME Trade Finance Offering”, and “Best Corporate Advisory Service” for NBF Capital Limited.

Popular products:

  • National Bank of Fujairah Home Loan – The National Bank of Fujairah Islamic mortgage come with an interest rate of 3.75% and maximum finance amount offered is AED 3 million.
  • National Bank of Fujairah Credit Card – It offers 3 credit cards, bundled with numerous benefits. The NBF credit card comes with an interest rate of 2.99% and the minimum salary requirement is AED 5-9K.

  Unique services:

  • NBF Elham: specialized banking for Emirati Women
  • Tasdeed Prepaid Card – Fast and secure way to pay for government services in Fujairah.

  Total Assets and Net Profit: 

  • Total Assets – AED 39 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit–  AED 615 Million (As of December 2018)

10. Mashreq mashreq bank logo

Bank OverviewMashreq Bank is one of the rising financial institutions in the region. Mashreq has recently begun registering a strong market share.

Popular products:

  • Mashreq Bank Credit Card – The Mashreq bank credit card comes with an interest rate of 2.99% and the minimum salary required to apply is AED 35K.
  • Mashreq Bank Personal Loan – It offers a wide range of personal loans to cater to the various financial needs of the consumers.

  Unique services:

  • Mashreq Gold: separate website with various privileges for gold customers.
  • Islamic Brokerage– trading in sharia-compliant financial products.

Total Assets and Net Profit:

  • Total Assets – AED 139 Billion(As of December 2018)
  • Net Profit –  AED 2.1 Billion(As of December 2018)

Imprinting a strong presence through world-class services, the banking sector in UAE is rising and contributing significantly towards the development of the region and facilitating smooth and unparalleled services to its customers.

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