discount on abu dhabi traffic fines

Not everyone violates the traffic regulations on purpose. The reason behind violating traffic rules can be anything but paying fine is unavoidable. Traffic fines in Abu Dhabi are very high. For a sigh of relief, motorists can get a discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines.   

Discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines

Currently the discounts available on Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines are, Motorists can get a 35% OFF on their traffic fines if the fine is paid within 60 days of the violation occurred.

If the fine is paid within 1 year of the violation occurred, then 25% discount can be availed that is till the end of 2020.

Along with this, motorists who have violated traffic rules before December 22, 2019, can get 50% OFF if the fine is paid within June 22, 2020.

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How to avail the discount?

There are some steps to be followed to get a discount

  • Visit “Fines Department” in Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters
  • Take documents like Emirates ID, driver’s license, car registration
  • Get the printout provided by the respective executives
  • A form will be provided requesting to transfer the violations to the traffic court
  • The next day traffic authorities send a confirmation letter to motorists once the application is approved
  • The applicant needs to visit the traffic court with the documents to avail the discount and clear the fine

Abu Dhabi traffic fine inquiry online

Motorists can check Abu Dhabi police fine on visiting Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines Inquiry

Things to remember:

  • Discounts are provided only on RTA traffic fines
  • Any other charges like black points and license suspension are not dropped
  • A person with 24 black points on the driver’s license will have the license suspended and cannot drive for a year
  • On certain cases like driving under influence, life loss, etc., the traffic fine amount are decided by the court
  • It is important to clear your traffic charges before leaving the country
  • Motorists can pay traffic fines in installments

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