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To open a savings account in UAE, you need to meet a few requirements like minimum salary and minimum balance maintenance. Few banks even charge high fees on non-maintenance of a minimum balance. However, banks in the UAE started providing accounts with no requirement of maintaining a minimum balance. This kind of accounts are dubbed as a Zero balance account. 

Account NameInterest Rate(p.a.)Minimum Salary
ADIB Smart Banking AccountProfit on every dirham in the accountBoth income and non-income based eligible
Commercial bank of Dubai(CBD) ESaver Account1.50%AED 5000
ADCB Active Saver Account0.60%NA
FAB iSave Account1.68%NA
RAK Bank Fast Saver Online Account0.50%NA
HSBC Esaver Account0.10%NA
Emirates NBD Liv. Account1.5%NA

Here’s a list of various banks and features of the zero balance facility: 

ADIB Smart Banking Account

  • One of the best zero balance account in UAE
  • Can open an account online, instantly
  • Can get a personalized debit card
  • No charges on non-maintenance of the account balance
  • Get profit on every dirham available in the account
  • No charges on ATM withdrawals at ADIB, UAE
  • Can access the account using the smart banking mobile app
  • Applicant must be 18 – 24 yrs student or should have a minimum salary of AED 5000
  • Even non-income based individuals like housewives(with housewife visa status) are eligible
  • Provides high discounts and offers on dining, entertainment, shopping, etc.
  • Get can reward on referring friends 
  • One free transfer per month to other banks anywhere in the world 

Commercial bank of Dubai(CBD) ESaver Account

  • Need not maintain minimum balance in the account 
  • Zero maintenance charge
  • Monthly average balances pull in up to 1.5% interest
  • Three debits per month (transfers, payments, etc) from Esaver account
  • It provides CBD Online Banking for customers
  • Minimum salary requirement AED 5000
  • UAE Nationals and Expats are eligible

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ADCB Active Saver Account

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Interest rate of up to 0.60%(p.a.) is provided on the account balance
  • Up to 5 accounts can be opened per person
  • UAE Nationals and Residents of age 21 years and above 
  • Only existing ADCB current account or savings account holders are eligible 
  • An initial deposit of AED 1000 is required 

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FAB iSave Account

  • One of the Zero balance savings account in UAE
  • Can get up to 1.68%(pa) interest rate on the balance maintained in the account
  • No account opening charges
  • No monthly fees
  • No withdrawal limitations

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RAK Bank Fast Saver Online Account

  • No minimum balance requirement on the account 
  • No charges for maintaining an account
  • 5 utility payments or 1 cash withdrawal is allowed per month
  • A maximum interest rate of 0.50%(pa) is provided

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HSBC Esaver Account

  • Zero balance account for UAE residents
  • Can manage your money online
  • No maintenance charges
  • Interest rate of up to 0.10% is provided on the account balance
  • Can withdraw money easily from the account

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Emirates NBD Liv. Account

  • Can open a bank account quickly using Liv. app 
  • Provides 1.5%(pa) interest rate
  • Provides an international debit card
  • Can get up to 50% off on dining, entertainment and leisure
  • Can manage your account and transactions using the Liv. app 
  • No maintenance charges involved

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Now, see a detailed comparison of all the Zero Balance Accounts in UAE here 

These are the few 0 balance accounts in UAE where you can open an account and get best interest rates in UAE if any balance is present else maintain the account with zero balance and zero fees. These UAE bank accounts without minimum balance are also being provided with good offers and rewards.  

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