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Top 10 places to get your Car washed in Dubai

Car wash centers are one of the best business in Dubai. As 80% of the Dubai residents get their cars cleaned on regular basis. They know how important it is to get their vehicles cleaned once in every 3-4 months. Somewhere like Dubai where dust lurks around it is unavoidable to leave your cars uncleaned.

There are different types of car wash services provided. But in Dubai, there are only three types of car washes available 

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It is quite important to know the best places where one can get their cars cleaned in Dubai. Here’s a list of 10 best places to get your car washed in Dubai.

List of top 10 places to get your car washed in Dubai

1. Orange Auto 
Orange auto

Orange Auto is one of the best places to get your car cleaned in Dubai. It has highly trained and experienced workers to wash your car. They provide different types of washing options like a manual wash, automatic wash, steam wash, etc., at affordable prices. It is one of the best car garages in Dubai which has 4.4 rating and 566 Google reviews. 

For more details, visit

Location: It is located in Al Quoz region.

Latest Offers at Orange Auto:

  • Get oil change on low prices starting from AED 89
  • Avail interior detailing package and get AC disinfectant worth AED 150 as complimentary
  • Get exterior detailing done at Orange auto and get 3M quick wax free
  • Get headlights restoration done and avail Meguiars Headlight protectant as complimentary
  • On interior car detailing get 3M scotch guard treatment for free

2. VOne Car Wash and Polish LLC

VOne provides efficient car wash services to customers. They offer different car care services like Normal Car Wash, Full Body Wash and Steam Wash. This is a service centre that provides exclusive motor care services.

It has 165 Google reviews with 4.2 rating.

For more details, visit VOne website

Location: It is located in Umm Ramool, Dubai

3. Keno Car Care 
Keno car wash

Keno Car Care provides services at anyplace just on a click. Customers have to just download the app and make your bookings. The skilled workers come on time to pick the car, provide all the services required and deliver it to you. The price range starts from AED 40.

Keno Car Care has a 4.2 rating with 100+ Google reviews regarding the timely services and the easy bookings facility on the app. 

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Location: It is located in Al Quoz region.

4. Mist wash 
Mist car wash

Mist Wash provides different car washing services at low prices. They have different kinds of packages which start from AED 75. They provide quick and perfect wash. You can book your service by visiting their website and by selecting the package according to your requirements. It has a decent number of Google reviews on their convenient services with 4.5 Google rating. 

Location: It is located at 59 Al Maktoum Rd.

5. Grand Service Station 
gss car care

GS Station provides car wash services at cheap prices in Dubai. They have a wide range of packages which includes all the services required. The price range starts from AED 45 where superwash, car interior cleaning and a few other services are provided. GSS has 271 positive Google reviews for their best car cleaning services with 4.3 rating. 

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Location: It is located in the Bur Dubai region.

6. Auto Rent Car Service(ARCS) 

ARCS provide car wash services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain regions. They provide all kinds of services like car detailing, wheel replacement, engine repair, AC service, interior cleaning and much more. There are special offers provided at arcs like a free car wash, check up, etc. The professional and friendly staff in ARCS got them 46 positive Google reviews with 3.2 Google rating. 

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Location: They are located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 4.

7. Autopro 

Autopro is well-known for its prowash service. Pro wash includes exterior body wash and engine wash either manually or automatically according to the user preference. Other than pro wash they provide Xtreme wash service too which includes interior and exterior cleaning along with the polish. 

They have 4.0 Google Rating with 115 Google ratings.

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Location: They have several branches in Dubai. You can find them anywhere.

8. Clean Car 
clean car

Clean Car is famous for its eco-friendly wash. Usually, it takes up to 20 liters of water to clean a car but Clean Car uses only 1 ltr of water to wash your entire car. They visit you with the equipment be it anywhere and clean the vehicle in 20 minutes. They make sure that there is no water left on the floor. 

Clean car has 4.8 Google Rating with good reviews.

Location: They are located in Karama, Dubai.

9. Al Quoz Car Wash 
al quoz

Al Quoz Car Wash provides best car wash in Dubai. They use the right lubricants and oils which doesn’t disturb the paint. They provide car wash at cheap prices in Dubai. The price range starts from AED 35 for a manual body wash.

According to Google reviews, it is known for its low priced manual wash. It has 177 Google reviews with 4.2 Google rating.

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Latest Offers at Al Quoz Car Wash:

  • Can avail body wash on AED 25 for saloon cars
  • Can avail body wash on AED 35 for 4WD cars

10. Das Center 
Das centre

Das Center which is known as one of the best car service centers in Dubai provides a good car wash service. They are known for providing services to top brand vehicles. They provide services like a steam wash, automatic wash, and manual wash.

Das Centre has 304 Google reviews with the highest number of positive feedback for their services done on brands like Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW. It has a 4.7 Google rating.

For more details, visit

Location: They are located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai.

Types of Car Wash 

-> Manual Car Wash

As the name suggests, the manual wash is done by the individuals. The price of a manual wash is high when compared to automatic wash as it involves manual work. But this provides a perfect wash without disturbing the paint on the car.

-> Automatic Car Wash

There are some automated tools which clean your car totally. This kind of wash is cheap when compared to the manual wash but most of them don’t recommend an automatic wash. The car wash machine puts high friction on the vehicle to clean, this can cause damage to the paint and obviously any work done manually is way more perfect.

-> Steam Wash

Your car can have some stains on it which cannot be dealt manually or automatically. So, service centers recommend for a steam wash which clears the harsh stains but it is not guaranteed that it will not affect the paint of the car.

Tips for a car wash

  • Regular car wash prevents it from corrosion and rust
  • Getting your car wash depends on how frequently you use it
    -If you use your car frequently then you must get it washed at least monthly twice
    -If you use your car very rarely then getting it washed 2-3 months once would be enough
  • More than during summers, your car needs to be washed often in winters
  • It is preferable to condition your car seats once every 3 months
  • It is not recommended get it washed when the metal is hot as it will leave water stains on the car
  • Get your vehicle washed in the evening to avoid water stains on the vehicle
  • Make sure the car wash worker uses a microfiber drying towel to clean the vehicle
Not all the places provide a good service and getting a bad wash can damage the paint of the car and can cost you high. So, getting a car wash from a good place on regular basis can help in maintaining it for a longer time.

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