Dubai traffic fines discount

The government of UAE usally offers a high range of discount on the traffic fines levied on their citizens. Drivers who are supposed to pay traffic fines for violating the rules can avail good discounts and clear the fines.  

Traffic Fine Discounts in other Emirates in the UAE

Umm Al Quwain Traffic Fine Discount: On the occasion of the UAE Silver Jubilee celebrations, the Umm Al Quwain Police are offering a 50% discount on traffic fines incurred from September 5, 2021 to September 9, 2021. Click here for more details on Umm Al Quwain Traffic Fine Discounts.

Dubai traffic fines discount

Motorists can get up to 100% discount on the fines. The discount provided varies with the driver’s profile and how well they are following the traffic rules for the next 12 months in Dubai. (Offer from 2019-2020)

  • Following traffic rules for the next 12 months – 100% discount
  • Following traffic rules for the next 9 months – 75% discount
  • Following traffic rules for the next 6 months – 50% discount
  • Following traffic rules for the next 3 months – 25% discount

The discount will be added while the motorist pays his traffic fines.

Note: The discount on traffic fines are applicable only if the rules are obeyed from May 2019 till February 2020. Contact Dubai traffic police or RTA for current traffic discounts.

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How to avail the Dubai traffic fines discount?

Motorists can clear their Dubai traffic fines online or at the kiosks or by visiting the service centers.

  • Motorists can visit RTA Portal
  • Enter Plate Number or Licence Number or Fine Number or Traffic File Number  
  • You can search for the fines that you are supposed to pay
  • If there are more than one, you can select the ones you like to clear first
  • The discount amount will be added according to your profile
  • Save the online receipt for reference

The same procedure can be followed if you are going to pay at the Kiosks. Motorists clearing the fines online or through kiosks can pay only using their credit cards.

How to make Dubai Fine Payment?

Dubai Fine Payment can be made in various ways like online payment, through mobile apps, by visiting police stations.

Steps to Dubai Fine Payment Online:

  • Visit the Dubai Traffic Police website
  • Go to “Traffic Payments” section
  • Enter your Licence details
  • Click “Search”
  • Check and Select the fines you want to clear
  • Make the payment

To be noted while availing discount on traffic fines in Dubai:

  • This is applicable to fines levied for disobeying traffic rules
  • Only Dubai registered vehicles are eligible for this discount
  • Parking fines are not subjected to discount
  • Drivers who resided outside UAE for 3 months after the traffic violation are not eligible
  • Rental cars, public or private transport companies vehicles are not eligible for discount

These discounts on the Dubai traffic fines is to encourage them in being responsible while driving. This will make them drive safely to maintain a clean record and avoid traffic penalties as well.

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