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UAE accommodates a large number of banks offering savings accounts at attractive interest rates and hassle-free documentation process. Though this provides us with various options to choose from, it can also become confusing as to which account will bear sweeter fruits in the future.

To help you with this confusion below listed are few best savings accounts in UAE for your consideration 

ProductMinimum BalanceInterest Rate
Emirates NBD Standard Savings AccountAED 30000.25%
ADCB Active Saver AccountAED 02%
ADIB Smart Banking AccountAED 0 –
United Arab Bank Ultra Savings AccountAED 30002.50%
National Bank of Fujairah Max Saver AccountAED 02%
RAKBank FastSaver AccountAED 01.75%
CBI Saver AccountAED 30001.75%
Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account
AED 01.5%
Emirates Islamic e-Savings Account
AED 02%

1. Emirates NBD Standard Savings Account

Emirates NBD Standard Savings account is a high-interest yielding account. It is available in only UAE currency and offers high benefits on the account. Emirates NBD savings account is one of the best savings account in UAE. 

Features and benefits

  • Can avail online banking facility
  • Phone banking facility is provided
  • Free international debit card is provided
  • Can make bill payments easily
  • Interest rate: 0.25% p.a.
  • Even non-residents of UAE are eligible

Fees and charges for Standard Savings account

  • Minimum balance to maintain: AED 3000
  • Annual fee: AED 0
  • Account opening: AED 0

2. ADCB Active Saver Account

It is one of the easiest savings account in UAE in terms of opening procedure. The active saver account can be opened online and requires very less documentation.

Features and benefits

  • Interest is calculated daily, and with tiered interest rates.
  • Easy transfer of money through online banking.
  • You can setup up to 5 Active Saver Accounts through ADCB Personal Internet Banking.
  • Can avail in AED and USD
  • Earn touchpoints and redeem those for shopping, dining, entertainment etc
  • Interest rate is paid on monthly basis
  • Interest rate: Upto 2%

Fees and charges for Active Saver Account

  • Annual fee: AED 0
  • Minimum balance: AED 0
  • Monthly fee: AED 0

3. ADIB Smart Banking Account 

ADIB offers a wide range of accounts. Amongst those ADIB Smart banking account is one of the best accounts. It is a zero balance account in UAE with high benefits provided to the account holder. Every UAE resident who is above 18 years is eligible for this account. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Can earn a profit on the account balance 
  • Earn rewards on salary transfer 
  • Get discounts on dining and lifestyle
  • Withdraw cash without a card 
  • Can avail international and domestic remittance for free 
  • Free debit card is provided 
  • Zero balance account
  • Even students and housewives are eligible 

Fees and charges on ADIB Smart Banking account

  • Annual fees: AED 0 
  • Minimum balance: AED 0 

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4. United Arab Bank Ultra Savings Account

UAB Ultra savings account offers tiered interest rates linked to the balance held in the account, unlike a normal savings account where the interest is paid at the same rate for all balances. This account encourages savings in order to earn higher rates of interest. There are many other attractive features that come with this account.

Features and benefits

  • Interest up to 2.5% P.A paid on monthly basis.
  • Unlimited withdrawals.
  • Free Debit Card.
  • No Maintenance Charge.

Fees and charges for Ultra Savings Account

  • Minimum balance to maintain: AED 3000
  • Minimum amount to open the account: AED 3000
  • Monthly fee: AED 0

5. National Bank of Fujairah Max Saver Account

The NBF max saver account is designed for yielding maximum benefit to its customers out of their savings. NBF provides higher profits on the money you save in their account.

Features and benefits

  • Can avail in USD and AED currencies.
  • Interest rate: Upto 2%
  • Interest amount is paid monthly but calculated on daily basis
  • Can avail one withdrawal every month without affecting interest.
  • One customer can have maximum 2 max saver accounts at NBF.

Fees and charges for NBF MAX Saver Account

  • Minimum balance to maintain: AED 0
  • Monthly fee: AED 0

6. RAKBank FastSaver account 

RAKBank provides different savings accounts. RAKBank Fast Saver account is a zero balance account that is offered with a good range of benefits and low fees and charges. 

Features and Benefits

  • Interest rate: Upto 1.75% 
  • Free debit card is provided 
  • Zero balance account 
  • 1 cashwithdrawal or 5 utility bill payments can be done per month
  • Can pay utility bills for free on no additional charges 

Fees and Charges on RAKBank Fast Saver Account

  • Monthly fees: AED 0 
  • Annual fees: AED 0 

 7. CBI Saver Account

The CBI saver account provides convenient access to your money along with a facility of withdrawing as many times as you want. CBI credits interest to your account every month and is calculated on your daily balance and activity. Account holders can access their account from anywhere.

Features and benefits

  • Available for minors and joint-account holders.
  • Free international debit card.
  • The account can be opened in AED.
  • Interest will be paid on a monthly basis
  • No limit on a number of withdrawals
  • Interest rate up to 1.75%

Fees and charges for CBI Saver Account

  • Min balance to maintain: AED 3K
  • Monthly fee: AED 0
  • Account opening fees: AED 0

8. Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account 

Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account provides a high-interest rate and easy access to the account. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Get up to 1.6% (p.a) as profit rate 
  • Can get access to online and mobile banking facilities 
  • Can access the account in AED and USD 
  • Can get free Debit Card 
  • Both UAE residents and non-residents are eligible 

Fees and Charges of XtraSaver Account 

  • Minimum average balance: AED 0 
  • Initial Deposit: AED 3000

9. Emirates Islamic e-Savings Account

Emirates Islamic Bank provides e-Savings Account that can be accessed online with high benefits and profit rates. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Get up to 2% profit on the balance maintained in the account 
  • Get profits every quarterly 
  • No limitations on the transactions monthly 
  • No minimum balance requirement in the account 
  • Can avail the account in AED and USD 

Fees and Charges of e-Savings account 

  • Minimum average balance: AED 0 
  • Fall below fee for non-maintenance of Total customer relationship balance: AED 25

These were only a handful of high yielding favorable best savings accounts in UAE, there are more in the market available based on one’s requirement. All charges and rates come with terms and conditions attached. Open a savings account only after good study on it. Always ensure you are aware of every single charge and fee, and all attached terms and conditions before opening an account.

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