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Oman Insurance is now known as Sukoon Insurance. Oman Insurance is a public joint shareholding company. It basically serves for life and general insurance which is primarily in the UAE. The headquarters operates from Dubai and the company has operations throughout the UAE, Turkey and Oman. It has all the special healthcare plans, insurance and general life insurance. The benefits, claim process, and everything is a smooth process. Oman Insurance claim forms are used for getting the claim on the insurance. 

What are the different types of Insurance claims offered?

The Oman health insurance claims can be submitted in two different ways. These are direct cashless claims and the other is reimbursement claims. The direct claims will provide you to settle the hospital bills directly from the company. Here you need not pay any money from your pocket and this is also called a cashless claim. The other type is a reimbursement claim here in this category all the expenses should be borne by the insurer. All the expenses are covered such as surgeries, tests, treatment and others. Once the bills are submitted reimbursement will be provided to the client. 

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Oman Insurance reimbursement claims

The reimbursement claims require you to submit a form and supporting documents for all the expenses. 

Filling the Oman Insurance reimbursement claim form

The first step is to download the Oman insurance claim form for your reimbursement and this should be from the authentic download. Use the insurance claim form from the official website of the company

  • Start filling out the form and here you have to enter the basic details about the insurance. The name of the insurance holder, insurance plan, insurance card number and contact details such as email address, phone number and other details should be provided.
  • The next step is to enter the details of bank details. This is required to get the claim settlement. Once the insurance company settles your claim the funds will be transferred to this account. Be careful and enter the details correctly if there is any error there will be a delay in getting your money. Details of the bank account can be entered on the online portal.
  • Gather all the information and main details such as claim submission. Specify the hospital name, country of treatment, and total number of invoices you are submitting. Amount of reimbursement you are requesting and other details. 
  • Once you move to the next page, here in this section all the invoice details and expenses should be entered. The invoices you want to submit for reimbursement should be entered here. Do not miss any invoices, it is best to collect all the printed copies write down the numbers on the pages, and check them. This will help you know the count of pages and the amount of reimbursement. Sign and submit the record.
  • The next section will be filled by the doctors team. This section will provide details of treatment and here the type of treatment, diagnosis and other details will be entered. The doctors will sign and authenticate the form. 

Documents required to be submitted

All the documents should be submitted carefully and any missing information or documents will be re-reviewed and it will take your time away and keep you waiting for reimbursement. 

  • Submit properly filled in reimbursement forms
  • Original documents, invoices, bills, daily reports of the doctors, nurses notes and others
  • Lab tests and other reports must be submitted
  • Contract copies, insurance plans and other hard copies should be submitted
  • Documents such as discharge summary, payment receipts and other medical prescriptions should be submitted

How to submit the claim form?

You can submit the claim form in two ways either online or offline. Claims which are more than AED 5000 and which are submitted online should submit the original documents physically with the scan copies. If you are submitting online you need to scan all the documents and upload them on the website. If you submit them offline, you should go to the branch office and submit the documents. 

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Oman Insurance direct claim

Direct claims requests are accepted by the hospital. The insurance claim form should be filled up and signed by the patient or the proposer. The treating doctor will fill out most of the pages related to the treatment. 

Filling the Direct claim Oman Insurance claim form

Download the form available on the official website of Oman Insurance. Thoroughly check if the document is a direct claim or reimbursement form. 

On a single page all five sections are fitted, it is advisable to take the help of the hospital administrative staff

Under section 1 you will be asked to enter the insurance provider and code of the hospital 

Section 2- The insurance company will fill out patients’ details like name, insurance card number, phone number, reason for visiting, and other details. 

Section 3- Detailed expression of diseases, why do you want get treatment, why you want treatment

Section 4- Doctor’s details, doctor’s stamp, Registration number, Sign and date.

Section 5- Sign of patient, date name

Submitting Oman Insurance direct claims

The Direct Oman insurance claim form should be submitted to the admin hospital. The hospital will do processing of the form. The hospital will submit all documents, invoices, bills, doctor consulting papers and others to the insurance company. Notify the insurance company that it will process your claim sooner. 


Submitting the claim either online or offline is a direct claim or through the reimbursement, it is a very simple process. You should submit all the information and documentation whatever is requested. Oman Insurance reimbursement claim should be submitted within 120 days. Be careful and submit all the details to the insurance company. The insurance company will review the documents and settle the claim with the insurer.

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