What do you need to know about UAE PASS?

UAE PASS is the first national digital identity introduced for secure identification. It gives access to various authentication services within the UAE. 


The rapid increase in technology has made us access most of the common services online. But using online services today can be frustrating at times as there are too many login credentials to remember while accessing these online portals. Visiting service centers for any identification and document signing is a time-consuming factor. To help and solve these problems the government has introduced UAE PASS, the First National Digital Identity. 

Features of UAE PASS

The following are the features of UAE PASS:

  1. Trusted Digital Identity
  2. Single Mobile identity
  3. Mobile-based authentication
  4. Digital signature

1. Trusted Digital Identity

UAE PASS is a single trusted digital identity for citizens, residents, and visitors. It provides a high level of security assurance and best user experience. UAE PASS is a collaboration between Smart Dubai and TRA. It is a digital transformation initiative in achieving the goals of UAE vision 2021.

2. Single Mobile Identity

With UAE PASS you can access different services across all sectors. You need to have multiple login credentials for online services. Just create and manage digital Identity across both local and federal government services. 

3. Mobile authentication 

Using your smartphone you can authenticate to service providers. You must use UAE PASS credentials to sign in and validate it. Enter your UAE PASS PIN and login on your smartphone and you can get access to the required online service. 

4. Digital Signature

Using UAE PASS you can digitally sign and validate the documents. It is a trusted digital signature which reduces the need to visit service centers to sign important and time-sensitive documents. You can authorize through your smartphone and sign the documents through digital signing services. Digitally signed documents are easily validated on the UAE PASS portal.

The Government of UAE is aiming at UAE PASS to be compatible with 39 government entities and 1,600 government entities by the end of 2020. UAE PASS will not replace Emirates ID but it is a digital complement. 

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UAE PASS for Banks and Financial Institutions

The Central Bank of the UAE approved the use of UAE PASS for accepting digital signatures in all banks. 

UAE PASS can be used as a digital identity across all banks and financial institutions. Customers can open bank accounts and make financial transactions and upload documents using the fingerprint digital authentication system.

Banks and financial institutions can use the UAE PASS app to check customer identity. 

UAE PASS can be used for authentication purposes. This applies to individuals and corporates as well. Even after having UAE PASS, banks can still carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in other ways. 

The use of UAE PASS is optional for KYC. If you use UAE PASS you need not supply a hard copy of Emirates Identity Card.

As one of the initiatives of the Dubai Council, the Strategic Affairs Council had adopted the UAE PASS policy in the Emirate of Dubai as of 1st May 2020.

In the near future, the UAE PASS will be the only digital ID to access government services. 

UAE PASS users can get access to more than 5,000 government services by using a single login credential. 

The list of public and private sector entities that implement UAE PASS digital transactions includes 22 Dubai govt entities, 29 Federal govt entities, 31 entities from 6 remaining entities and 10 private sector entities.

Many banks have begun to implement the UAE PASS. Among all the banks, RAKBANK was the first bank to implement UAE PASS across all its 36 branches. UAE PASS enables Bank’s customers to complete registration securely in just a few simple clicks of a device with the help of the bank’s staff at any branches. 

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in partnership with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and Smart Dubai started UAE PASS a national initiative. The aim is to provide quick and easy access to government and nongovernment services. It is a step forward in making Digital UAE. 

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How to access UAE PASS App?

You can download the UAE PASS app through the below available links.

Apple store: https://apps.apple.com/ae/app/uae-pass/id1377158818

Google store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ae.uaepass.mainap

After the download you can sign up in three steps.

  1. Scan your Emirates ID card
  2. Verify your mobile number and email
  3. Secure your account with PIN

Once you are done with the above steps you need final verification. For final verification you need to visit the nearest Kiosk to complete the verification process for digital signing. 

You can also migrate your existing accounts of Dubai ID and Smart Pass to UAE PASS. 

For more information, you can call 600 560 000 or visit www.uaepass.ae

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