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Last Updated on 09 June 2020

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Active Saver Account

Min Balance to Maintain


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee


Relationship Manager



min balance


Min Balance to Maintain

monthly fee


Monthly Fee

annual fee


Annual Fee

relationship manager


Relationship Manager


Currency Account

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  • There is no minimum balance required for this account.
  • You can set up your own standing instructions with this account.
  • You can avail ADCB personal online banking with this account.
  • There is no monthly fee on this account.
  • This account can be opened only in AED.
  • You can earn an interest of upto 1% with this account.

Main Benefits

  • This account takes less than 5 minutes to set up.
  • Interest generated on this account is calculated on daily basis. Therefore high profit is gained.
  • Can transfer funds, pay bills, redeem touchpoints gained, open fixed deposit accounts, etc. easily
  • This account comes with a flexibility to be accessed anywhere.
  • This account helps generate the awareness of saving, by not providing any chequebook or ATM cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What are the other zero balance accounts available?

A. There are other zero balance accounts provided at different banks. You can comparezero balance accounts in UAEhere.

⭐ How to contact ADCB Customer Care?

A. You can contact ADCB customer service by dialing 600 50 2030 (Within UAE), +97126210090 (Outside UAE) orchatwith them online.

⭐ What’s the payment frequency and payment dates?

A. Collection of payment is done monthly once as per mode of agreement and payment date is given in the agreement signed by you.

⭐ How can I receive the loan after approval of it?

A. As per the application form, loan amount will be disbursed to the bank account.

⭐ Can I get a free credit card with this loan?

A. Yes. A free credit card is provided with this loan

⭐ Is liability letter chargeable?

A. Yes. Liability letter is charged with fees of AED 100.

⭐ What’s the cancellation fees of this personal loan?

A. Loan cancellation fees of AED 100 is charged.

⭐ Can I avail loan deferment facility on this loan?

A. Yes. Loan deferment is available with a fees of AED 100

⭐ What’s the fees charged on loan rescheduling?

A. Rescheduling a loan is chargeable with a fees of AED 250.

⭐ Are there any prepayment charges on EMI?

A. No prepayment charges are applied on EMI

⭐ What are the other banks that provide personal loans in UAE?

A. Check here for the banks that offerpersonal loan in UAE.

⭐ How do I open ADCB Active Saver Account?

A. The applicant can apply online or visit the closest ADCB branch. You can also apply by typing SMS ‘Active’ to 2626 or by giving a call at 600502030.

⭐ What is the eligibility criteria for opening ADCB Active Saver Account?

  • Valid Visa of UAE national & residents
  • Minimum age 21 years old
  • Must have current or savings account in ADCB
  • Not eligible for minor & joint account purpose
  • ⭐ Is ADCB active saver account Sharia Compliant?

    A. Yes, ADCB Active Saver Account is Sharia Compliant.

    ⭐ Can an account holder transfer the salary into ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. No. The salary transfer into this account is not permitted.

    ⭐ Who can open ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. An individual customer can open ADCB Active Saver Account, but business customers can not open this account.

    ⭐ In which currency can we perform transactions with ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. Account-holders can perform transactions in UAE Dirhams & USD.

    ⭐ Are there any transaction charges levied on ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. Yes. There are transaction fees levied on cash withdrawals from Active Saver Account.

    ⭐ How we can access ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. Customers can access this account online, internet & phone banking or can visit directly to the nearest branch.

    ⭐ Do we get any ATM card & cheque book on ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. No. We don’t get any ATM card & cheque book on ADCB Active Saver Account as this account encourages the savings.

    ⭐ How is interest rate calculated on ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. Interest rate is calculated on daily closing balance & paid monthly.

    ⭐ How many ADCB Active Saver accounts we can set up through ADCB Personal Internet banking?

    A. We can set up 5 ADCB Active Saver Accounts through ADCB Personal Internet banking.

    ⭐ Is there any minimum balance required to maintain ADCB Active Saver Account?

    A. No. There is no minimum balance required in the ADCB Active Saver account.


    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), features in the Forbes list of top 1000 biggest public companies. It provides retail, commercial, Islamic banking and other financial services to people. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the bank operates on five strategic pillars:

    • UAE-centric approach with controlled internationalization
    • Sustainability through growth of liabilities
    • Culture of efficiency and service excellence
    • Follow a pre-defined risk strategy
    • Focuses on staff

    ADCB offers three categories of services:

    • Aspire
    • Privilege Club
    • Excellency

    The services and charges vary depending on the category in which you choose to bank with them.

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