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What is ADCB Hayyak?

The rapid increase in technology has an impact on the banking sector as well. It has made banking hassle-free than ever before. ADCB offers an easy and comfortable way of banking through a mobile application called ADCB Hayyak. Hayyak means “Welcome”. This mobile application launched by ADCB makes an individual open an account instantly and receive the welcome kit at their doorstep.

Usage of ADCB Hayyak

The usage of Hayyak by ADCB is pretty simple. 

  • Individuals can download the app from Google Playstore orApp Store

  • Once the app is installed, you need to scan the required documents i.e. Passport and Emirates ID. 

  • After scanning the documents you can choose between a current account and savings account to open. 

  • Once the required account is picked you can give the name that will be printed on the debit card. 

Thereafter follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the registration process.

Users who have already started the registration process and didn’t proceed further can resume it by clicking on “Continue your application” that appears on opening the app. 

The welcome-kit will consist of a Debit Card and Cheque book(on current account) which will be personalized. ADCB runs documents verification and delivers the welcome-kit within 48 hours of the account opening.  

App users can fund their ADCB account opened from the Hayyak app using any other UAE accounts as well.  

ADCB Credit Card through Hayyak

Apart from the savings account and current account in UAE, app users can also apply for an ADCB credit card and Personal Loan if they meet the eligibility criteria for a credit card or personal loan respectively. Usually, AED 5000 is the credit limit provided on the credit card. The credit limit can be raised on submitting the salary certificate on the app itself. 

Eligibility criteria for an account through ADCB Hayyak

  • Must be a UAE resident 
  • The applicant must be of at least 21 years 

Minimum salary required to open account through ADCB hayyak

The minimum salary required to open an account through ADCB Hayyak is AED 5000. The minimum salary may differ for other accounts and credit card. 

Minimum Balance required for ADCB Hayyak account

The minimum balance required for ADCB Savings Account opened through ADCB Hayyak is AED 3000. However, the minimum balance may depend on the account variant. 

Documents Required for ADCB Hayyak

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport

Benefits of ADCB Hayyak

  • Can open an account instantly from anywhere using the app 

  • Can fund the account from any other UAE accounts

  • Can get touchpoints on the transactions made 

  • Can increase the credit limit of the credit card 

  • Can choose between regular banking and Islamic banking 

  • Can get your name printed on the cards as per your choice 

  • Can use the app in both Arabic and English languages   

  • Can get the welcome-kit delivered at the doorstep

  • Can manage the accounts and cards from anywhere at anytime

  • Can get 50% OFF on processing fee on Personal Loan when applied through the ADCB Hayyak App (Valid up to 30 September 2021)
  • Get 50,000 Touchpoints on applying for a Personal Loan through the ADCB Hayyak App (Valid up to 30 September 2021)

Gone are those days, where an individual needs to visit the bank and wait in the long queues to open a bank account. With apps like ADCB Hayyak, banking has become very convenient right from opening an account to manage and transferring funds from one account to another. 


⭐ Are non-residents eligible for ADCB Hayyak?

A. No. Only UAE residents are eligible for ADCB Hayyak.

⭐ Are there any charges levied to get or use the Hayyak ADCB app?

A. No. ADCB Hayyak is provided for free on zero charged.

⭐ When can I withdraw the funds available in the account opened through Hayyak?

A. Once the welcome kit is delivered, you can activate the debit card provided and use it to withdraw the funds.

⭐ Are there any additional documents required to open an Islamic account?

A. No. There are no additional documents required to open an Islamic account but you need to accept the Islamic contracts.

⭐ When will the request for credit limit increase be updated?

A. The credit card applicant needs to upload their salary certificate or IBAN account details where the salary is getting transferred to in order to increase the credit limit.
Once the welcome kit is delivered, these details will be verified and processed accordingly for the credit limit raise.

⭐ How to resolve the issues faced with the app?

A. You can contact ADCB customer care on 600 50 2030 or mail them

⭐ How do I add funds to the ADCB account?

A. “Add funds” is a one time option provided while opening the account. Account applicants can scan or enter their other debit card details and add funds.

⭐ Can I use my credit card to add funds to the ADCB account opened through Hayyak?

A. No. You can’t use your credit card to add funds to the ADCB account opened through Hayyak. You can add it using a debit card only.

⭐ What are the languages that are available on the app?

A. The ADCB Hayyak works with English and Arabic languages.

⭐ Are self-employed individuals eligible for ADCB Hayyak?

A. Yes. Self-employed individuals in the UAE region are eligible.

⭐ Are homemakers eligible for ADCB Hayyak?

A. Yes. Homemakers are eligible for ADCB Hayyak.

⭐ When can I activate my Debit card and Credit Card?

A. Once you receive your welcome-kit you can activate your cards.

⭐ Can I pick-up the welcome kit by myself?

A. Yes. You can pick up the welcome kit at the nearby ADCB branches.

⭐ Are there any delivery charges charged to deliver the welcome kit?

A. No. The welcome-kit will be delivered at your preferred location for free.

⭐ Is ADCB Hayyak a Zero balance account?

A. No. The minimum balance required for the account opened through ADCB hayyak depends on the account type.

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