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Everyone is aware how important it is to follow traffic rules. There are several traffic rules you need to know if you are planning to drive any vehicle in Abu Dhabi. Violating any rule can cost you a life apart from the highly charged RTA traffic fines. Amongst the important rules like speed limit, driving under influence, seat belt, jumping red signal, valid driving licence, etc., there are some Abu Dhabi traffic fines that you should be aware of before taking your vehicle on road.

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Here are 7 Abu Dhabi Traffic fines you should take a look

Kids on the passenger’s seat

According to Abu Dhabi RTA rules, kids below 4 years are not supposed to be on the front seat. Children below 10 years should not be seated on passenger’s seat. They need to be seated on the children’s seat that are specially designed for them and strapped in properly. AED 400 is the fine amount on violating this. Along with the fine amount 4 black points are added on the licence.

Not giving way to public service vehicles

It is important to give way to certain vehicles like ambulance, public service vehicles, police convoy, etc., Not allowing the emergency vehicles to pass and blocking their way can fine you AED 500 with 4 black points on the licence. Make sure you don’t stop the vehicle on the yellow box as well. Box junction provides way to the emergency vehicles. For having your vehicle stopped on the yellow box can fine you AED 500.

Stopping the vehicle on the road

Stopping the vehicle on the road will block the way of other vehicles and creates traffic jam. Halting a vehicle on the middle of the road without any genuine reason is offensive. AED 500 is charged as fine amount and 4 black points are added on the driver’s licence.

Changing vehicle color without permission

The owner of the vehicle is not allowed to change the color of the vehicle without official permission. If a motorist wants to change the color of the vehicle, they need to visit Abu Dhabi traffic department at Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters and request for a color change and follow the procedure stated by the officials. On disobeying the procedure and changing the color without the permit can charge the vehicle owner AED 400 as fine amount.

Exceeding passenger limit

There is a limit of passengers for every vehicle. Exceeding the passenger limit and overloading the vehicle with people or things is offensive. On violating this rule AED 200 is charged as the fine amount and 3 black points are added on the driver’s licence.

Indicator usage

Taking turns without using indicators is offensive. This can lead to vehicle crashes. It is important to turn on the indicators while taking left or right turns. AED 200 is charged as fine amount on not using the indicators while turning the direction of the vehicle and 3 black points are added. Driving a vehicle with broken indicators is also offensive and AED 200 is charged as fine amount with 2 black points on the licence.

Using interior lights while driving

Make sure you turn off the interior lights in the vehicle while driving. Turning on the interior lights and driving the vehicle is not allowed. AED 100 is the fine amount for using interior lights without any reason while driving.

Even though Abu Dhabi government is providing discounts on the traffic fines the money spent on violating the traffic rules are too high. It is advisable to go through all the traffic rules and regulations from Abu Dhabi police traffic fines list before driving for the first time in Abu Dhabi.

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