rta fines

Once the driver violates the traffic rules in UAE, the RTA fines are immediately updated on his license/vehicle number plate. These fines are intimated to the vehicle owner via SMS. RTA traffic fines in the UAE can be checked online. Only specific offenders involved in driving under influence, cause major accidents, etc., are requested to visit the RTA Department of a particular region.

RTA fine check

As mentioned earlier, the traffic camera captures the number plate and send an SMS to the phone number registered on the vehicle number plate. Violators can visit the RTA website to check the traffic rule violated and the charges involved. Make sure you have your Traffic file number, Date of Birth of vehicle license holder and a GCC Debit/Credit card.

  • Visit rta.ae    
    rta fine check
  • Go to “Driver and Car owner” 
    rta fine check
  • Go to “Fines” then “Pay Dubai traffic fines”
    rta fine check
  • Click on “Start” and enter the required details
    rta fine check
  • Once the details are given you can go through the fines that are added to your driver’s license
  • You can review your fines that have to be paid
  • RTA portal provides time and date of the event and the traffic rule violated as well

RTA fine payment

Once the RTA fine inquiry is done, offenders can clear the charges online itself. After the fine inquiry, click “continue” where you will be directed to a payment gateway. Choose the payment method and proceed accordingly. On clearing the charges you can download the online receipt for future reference.

If there are more than one fines to be cleared, you can search for fines and select the ones you want to clear first and proceed for the payment.

Other options to pay RTA fines

Other than paying your RTA fines on their official website, there are few other options like

  • Can clear the charges on Dubai Police App and can make the payment using the Emirates NBD Credit Card if the fine amount is more than AED 500. Emirates NBD provides Easy Payment Facility as well
  • Can visit www.dubaipolice.gov.ae and clear the charges
  • Call 901 and pay using your credit card
  • Can pay on mPay
  • Visit any Wall Street Exchange in UAE to pay
  • If the fine payer is not having access to the internet or cannot pay the traffic fine online, he/she is permitted to clear the charges offline by visiting any police station or RTA department

Charges on RTA fine inquiry

There are no charges levied on RTA fine inquiry but AED 5 is charged if the motorist wants to get a paper receipt on the payment made. 

How to avail discounts on RTA fines?

RTA in UAE provides up to 100% discounts for motorists in Dubai and Ajman regions. Motorists who follow the traffic rules in these regions without violating them.

To avail the discounts, the motorist must not violate the traffic rules for at least 3 months. Once the minimum time period is completed, motorists receive a text message from the RTA department regarding the discount.

Motorists can visit the RTA website and give the basic details like Vehicle Plate Number or Licence Number or Fine Number or Traffic File Number. You can get the list of traffic fines levied and select the ones that you are willing to clear. The discount will be added accordingly. You can clear fine once the discount is applied.

Disclaimer: The information provided by MyMoneySouq is for informative purposes only. MyMoneySouq strives to keep the facts and figures updated. However, it is recommended to visit the official website of RTA UAE for updated information.

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