Best books to gain knowledge on Investments – 2021

The best time to start an investment is when you get your first salary. Whether you are saving money for your future or making a retirement plan savings or making income through the passive way. 

When you are entering into the world of investment, it is very important that you know the basics of investment. They are different ways to learn the basics of investment. You can choose any path for increasing financial knowledge. Here in this article, we provide a small list of best books to gain knowledge on investments. 

Anyone who has knowledge about the financial products whether a tennager out of college or middle aged investor who has been earning throughout many years. Pick the best books on investments and make the move on investments. Here is the list of books to gain knowledge on investments. 

  1. Little Book of Common Sense Investing
  2. A beginners Guide to the Stock Market
  3. Broke Millennial
  4. Book on Rental property investing
  5. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need
  6. One up on wall street

1. Little Book of Common Sense Investing

The little book of common sense investing gives you insights on the investments. Whether you are just starting to invest or already an investor, no matter what, this book is a guide to start investment. This first book was published in the year 2007. In the year 2017, a new edition was introduced which included two chapters which are ‘asset allocation & retirement investing options’.

After reading this book, you will get to know about building a low risk portfolio and smart investments. The author also explains about the significance of index funds and the diversification of the portfolio. 

2. A Beginners guide to the Stock Market

Youngsters investing in the stock market can see a long term growth of their funds. Investors who are just into their earnings do not have experience in the stock market, after reading this book, they will learn the ups and downs of the stock market. With this guide, young investors will know the different types of stocks and also know how their stocks perform differently in short term investments and long term investments. 

This book will also provide you with the mistakes done by the startup investors. Not just the mistakes, it will also give you solutions on solving the mistakes and avoiding them. This book provides insights on investment strategies, methods of investments and makes the young investors ready for investing in the stock market. 

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3. Broke Millennial

Broke Millennial is one of the books selected and recommended by the Financial Review board. This book provides guidelines on investing, personal finance and also shares knowledge on investment habits. The author highlights that Investment habits are very important for becoming a good investor. 

The author talks about taking control of your finances at all times. Whether you make good money from investments or not, it is important to have control over your finances. This book gives tips on how to start investing and making the right plans at the right time. The investors can easily grasp great knowledge about the investment process and investments. 

4. Book on Rental property investing

When building a strong investment portfolio, young investors think of investing mostly in the stock market. There are other investment options where you can make your investment. Among the safest investments is the rental property investment. It helps you to diversify your portfolio and build money. 

The author provides complete insights on rental property. It provides best information on rental houses, house flips and sale of the house. This book covers Real estate investment basics covers financial aspects of the owner, problems of investing and how to overcome them. 

5. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

After reading this book you will get to know how to start creating and building investment. The author talks about the art of investing and throws light on investment building. It focuses on making the right moves to save money and set up good wealth management skills. 

This book was first published in the 1970s and later on, it was updated in 2016. It discusses the investment made in the modern times and the author shares knowledge & his views on the great bubble burst of the financial crisis in 2008.

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6. One up on wall street

In this book, the author gives his secrets on investment which are based on his experience in wall street. This book is about the stock market and methods of investment. It gives you insights on when you should invest and when to exit from the market. This book is specially designed for first time investors and early age investors. 

The author discusses how you should do the research and take the right investment steps and make the right decisions in investment. Finding the right stocks on investment is the key to gain successful returns and it all starts with the research. Author emphasised on research and talked about its importance in becoming a successful investor. 

Take away

Making the right investment always starts with the research. Having good knowledge about the market, understanding the ups and downs of the market,understanding the financial products, learning the strategies of investing and exiting from the market and other aspects are very important to become a safe and successful investor. After reading the books you can get the knowledge of investment. Whether you are a first time investor or a well-experienced one, you can learn from the talks of the experts and make the right investment at the right time. 

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