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TED talks are definitely something worth watching. They are motivational, enlightening and particularly, not monotonous. Financial education is surely mandatory for each and every individual as it ultimately helps in financial management. TED talks on financial management can inspire a person tremendously, right from understanding the finances to managing it rightly and gaining success.

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Here’s a list of 5 best TED talks on personal finance, 

3 psychological tricks to help you save money

This TED talk by Wendy De La Rosa is all about saving money which is an important part of financial education. Unlike the regular savings advice like opening a savings account, retirement fund, Wendy explains some practical ways to save money. The ideas she has provided in the speech are very simple ones that can help one in spending less and saving more. 

Wendy explained the tricks to save money by providing some lively examples of the researches conducted on a specific set of individuals. This talk is worth watching for individuals who are looking to save money but not able to put it in action.   

Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow 

This is one of the very interesting TED talks on savings. The speaker of this TED talk is Shlomo Benartzi who is an economist. He explains about behavioral finance in the speech and puts forward that a very less number of people are actually saving for the future. He even provides a solution to save more and describes why savings play an important role to lead a peaceful financial life.  

Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income

Alex Szepietowski is the speaker of this TED talk. He clearly explains why a passive income is important is one’s life and how can it change one’s lifestyle. Along with the necessity of a passive income, he even discusses some ways that can help in generating an extra income which can come handy at the time of need. This can help out individuals to transform their work life and start living their dreams with the utmost financial freedom.  

One Life-Changing Class You Never Took

This talk by Alexa Von Tobel is about money and personal finance management. She tells that “Money is the primary thing young people worry about”. This is an inspiring talk especially for people who live paycheck to paycheck and who want to understand their finances and handle it rightly without stressing over it.   

Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.

This TED talk by Adam Baker is exactly as the name suggests. It is about debts and debt management. There are several ways out there to clear debts and one of those ways is selling out the stuff that is no longer useful for you. Such stuff might be of some use to others and it can generate some money for you. When accumulated all this money can help you in clearing out your debts. The thought of a debt-free life itself sounds good and living it is even more pleasant indeed. This speech is an inspiring watch for people who are finding it hard to manage their debts.  

As said, financial education is very important. Be it savings, retirement funds, debt management, money management, etc. it all can happen only by you. And TED talks are definitely an eye-opener for such reasons to get motivated, inspired and drive you towards the right path. 

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