How does Supplementary Credit Card work?

Credit cards give you the flexibility that you can buy now and pay later without outright cash payment. You can extend these benefits to members of the family by getting a supplementary credit card on your existing primary card.  

Supplementary credit card is an additional credit card issued under the primary card. A supplementary card can be issued to family members, children above 18 years, parents and spouse.

The card can be issued depending on the terms and conditions agreed by the cardholder. The number of supplementary cards issued differs from bank to bank.

How does Supplementary credit card work?

All Supplementary credit cards issued under your card will be directed to a single account. The supplementary credit card dues are to be paid from a single account. You can set a limit on your supplementary cards

Limit on Supplementary card 

Supplementary credit cards have a limit as the primary credit card. The cardholder can use a complete credit limit. 

Some lenders allow setting a predefined limit on their supplementary cards. It may be less than the limit allotted to the credit card account. Even on money withdraws, the same limits can be applied. 

Reward points

Supplementary credit cardholders can earn reward points. Reward points can be similar to the primary card.

The reward points, transaction amount, repayment policy and others will continue to be the same as applicable for the primary card. 

The reward points are added to the primary cardholder account, redemption can be done on a consolidated basis for higher benefits. 

Airport Lounge access

Only limited credit card issuers provide airport lounge access to supplementary cardholders. There are some card lenders who provide primary & supplementary cardholders the same benefits. You can discuss with issuing banks and get your supplementary card with these benefits.

Prime aspects of Supplementary credit card

Supplementary credit cards are issued like complimentary cards and will be issued only when the primary cardholder submits a request for a card. 

Supplementary credit cards shall be issued to eligible family members of the primary credit cardholder.

Banks will create only a single credit card statement, irrespective of supplementary cards you hold.

Supplementary cards get linked to a primary credit card. All transactions, bill payments, defaults, late payments, penalties made by the supplementary cardholders get recorded under the primary card. 

Supplementary credit cardholders do not have a separate credit score. The credit score of supplementary credit cardholders will be linked to the primary cardholder account.

You can apply supplementary credit cards for family members who are eligible such as Spouse, Parents and Children (age above eighteen years).

How to request Supplementary credit cards?

Every bank has their own different methods and its own criteria to request for a supplementary credit card.

Only a primary cardholder can apply for the supplementary credit card. However, back up documentation of family members on whom you’re applying supplementary credit cards should be submitted. Below listed are procedures to apply for supplementary credit cards.

You can apply through internet banking or By calling customer care or you can visit the bank branch office

Advantages of Supplementary Credit Cards

A supplementary credit card will have the same features as a credit card but this may differ from bank to bank. Below are some of the benefits. 

Helps in Reducing expenses– You can avoid credit card maintenance costs for the family by using supplementary credit cards. 

Enables full control– Primary credit card holders can set the credit limits on all supplementary credit cards. 

Track expenses– You can track the expenses of your dependents as credit card billing will be consolidated to the primary account holder 

Independence– It enables financial independence for the family members.

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Offers on supplementary card 

There are offers exclusively designed for supplementary cardholders. Most of the banks consider supplementary cards separately and offer vouchers, discounts, cashback & free gifts to supplementary credit cardholders.

How to close your supplementary credit card?

The process to close the supplementary credit card is similar to that of closing the primary credit card. Contact the credit card issuing company and request for cancellation of your supplementary credit card and it is done accordingly. 

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