How to Activate FAB Credit Card in UAE

First Abu Dhabi Bank credit cards are the most preferable credit cards in the UAE. These are the value-added cards that have their unique features. For starting to use the credit card you should have to activate the card. FAB credit card activation is very important for reducing fraud and risk and facilitating transactions. Here in this article, you will know about FAB credit card activation in the UAE.

How can you activate the credit card?

For activating the FAB credit card activation it is necessary to confirm the receipt of your card. You will require only three steps for activation of the FAB credit card in the UAE. Activate your FAB account, register your phone number, next enter the last 4 digits of your FAB credit card number, and your 4 digits PIN number of your choice. After you have all these things you can complete the FAB credit card activation.

Type out your text message CACT <space> (the last 4 digits of your credit card) <space> (4 digit PIN number as per your willing)

Example SMS- CACT 98350067 – 9835 being the last 4 digits of your card and 0067 is 4 digits PIN.

Verify the details and send this SMS to 2121

Your PIN will be set and the card will be activated in minutes for sending the SMS.

Why activation of FAB credit card?

FAB credit card activation will serve for several purposes. You can reduce the chances of fraud in transactions, stolen fraud, lost card safety and much more. Inform the bank that the credit card has been received by the right owner and was not misplaced or incorrect delivery.

Once the FAB account is opened you will not be able to use the credit card without activating. 

Credit card activation is necessary for accessing the services of withdrawals. 

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Important details about FAB Credit Card Activation

Ensure to remember the PIN number for activating the FAB credit card.

It is advised not to share the FAB credit card PIN with anyone, you can note it down.

If you still want to note it down then you can write it down, here you are suggested to choose only the non-digital platform for writing the password.

Most of the transactions which you have made will require a PIN number

Sign the receipt and make the transaction of your purchase which does not have a chip terminal. 

Enter your PIN and do not share with anyone else.

Separate PIN numbers should be used for supplementary credit cards.


If you are having any difficulties in activating your FAB credit card then you should connect to the customer service at 600 52 5500. Call the customer service number if you want to change the PIN number. You can activate the card by following the steps discussed in this article. 

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