Services offered by the Ministry of Labour, UAE

The UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) is termed as the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) recently. It is a platform to change the existing job market into a better one by identifying the required talent. The vision of the UAE ministry is to develop a sophisticated macroeconomy that is knowledge-based.

MoHRE supports an extensive system of standards, policies, regulatory instruments, and other outstanding services. Its main aim is to protect the work environment, empower Emirati manpower, enhance job market and provide magnificent administrative services. The standard of services provided by MoHRE is quite transparent and efficient.

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Services Offered by MOL

Expert Consultations

MoHRE offers its expert consultation services to Tawteen partner enterprises. The experts provide proper support and advice on several disputes that are faced while employing, retaining or attracting national proficiencies.

Partner Services

It extends its services into e-Inquiry, partner services, youth services, and pension authority department for its clients and customers. MoHRE partnered with various government and non-government authorities to broaden its services.

Pension authority department: This department generally deals with pension issues, queries and other services that are related to pension.

Inquiry Services

It provides information and status about various services. You will just have to choose the right service type to get all the necessary information and details of the utilities available.

Customer Services

The customer services centers provide its services for the customers and clients. There are multiple service centers like Tashell, Tadbeer, Tawjeeh, Twafouq, Taqyeem, and Happiness centers.

Job Description Services

It provides details on the nature of work, skill level, MoHRE and Ensco codes, certification, etc based on the job designation.

Domestic Worker Calculator Service

This service is useful to know the details of a worker as an employee’s working period along with the start and end dates, the remuneration, whether the worker is on probation or not, work injuries, working days, whether the labour contract is terminated or if the employee resigned, etc. It basically calculates the work-related entities.

Merchant Portal Services

Most of the startups, small and medium firms require capital to run the business smoothly. This service will help them manage their cash flow.

Technical Support Services

These services are available for clients and employers. A service agent offers technical support to resolve and address any issue with respect to the system.

Tawteen Services

The UAE ministry introduced Tawteen services in order to cornerstone its nationals to undertake employment in the private sector. It provides services like complaints, account managing, experts consultations, joint programs, and contact services.

Joint Programs

MoHRE offers its services to Tawteen partner enterprises by organizing forums and workshops. This enables the partners to provide a platform for discussions and exchange of information on Emiratisation.

Other Services

They include employee, employer, priority and labour accommodation services.

Employer Services: Services like employment contract modification, e-Signature card issuance, issuance of domestic/new work permit, labour card cancellation/renewal/ issuance, etc are available for employers.

Employee Services: Services like Absher card application, salary issues, group complaints, accidents follow up, information requests, workshops and seminar details, etc are available for employees.

Priority Services: Services such as registration in the Emiratisation system for job seekers, Registering labour complaints, renew work permit/complaint registration of a domestic worker, renew work contract/permit, etc are available.

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In addition to these, MoHRE provides several other services like labour accommodation system, e-inquiry services, localization services, labour housing system, etc.

The UAE ministry is responsible for carrying out these services. The ministry regulates and supervises labour affairs and implements them in order to increase productivity, establish stability and create jobs in the market. This will also help to manage and organize policies that are well-suited for the UAE. The quality of services provided by MoHRE is of a high standard. There are numerous services centers that are available for Emiratis.

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