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How to check your Labor Contract (MOL) status?

Ministry of labor is now termed as Ministry of Human resources and Emiratisation. Customers can avail person information, company information, company employee list, work permit status, labor card status, salary certificate, and other services through eNetwasal Services provided on the MoHRE portal.

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Workers in UAE who have applied for a new labor card or got it renewed, can check the status of the card in MoHRE website.

Steps to check Labor Contract Status:

Step 1:

Head over to MoHRE website. You will have a list of eNetwasal services displayed. You can also look for employee services present on the left.

Step 2:

Click on the type of service that is required for the employee. For employment contract Click on the “Labor Contract”.

Step 3:

It will ask if you have a labor card or not. If you already have a labor card choose ‘yes’ else choose ‘no’.

Step 4:

New workers who don’t have a labor card yet can choose “No”. If you choose ‘no’, then you will have to provide details like passport number, date of birth, nationality and mobile no. Click on ‘next’.

Step 5:

You will get the current status of your labor card whether it is under processing or completed. If the status shows completed, then you can take a print of that document.

Step 6:

Submit the printed document at Tasheel Center in order to get your printed Labor Contract.

Step 7:

For the workers who are already having a labor card and looking for further details can choose “Yes” (in step 3) and click on ‘next’.

Step 8:

Provide details like labor card no. ( it’s an 8 digit number termed as work permit number on the labor card), person code (it’s a 14 digit personal number present on the labor card), year of birth and nationality. Click on ‘next’.

Step 9:

You will be directed to the screen which consists of details like company name, your name, company code, contract copy, designation, passport number, labor card number, passport expiry date, transaction number, type of labor card, issue date of the labor contract, expiry date of the labor contract and nationality.

Labor card is a mandatory identity proof for the expat workers in the UAE. MoHRE makes it easy for them to find the status of their new labor card or details of the existing one.

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