Car detailing services

Car detailing improves the durability of the car as the entire and exterior of the car get cleaned thoroughly paying attention to every detail of the car. Here are the few important and reliable car detailing services offered in Dubai.

Top 10 Car detailing service centers in Dubai
1. Elite Shine
2. Deutsches
3. Premium Car Care
4. My Car Polish
5. Crystal Shine
6. Zain car care
7. Orange Auto
8. The Mechanic Auto Center
9. Mr. Cap
10. ARM Motors

1. Elite Shine  

Elite Shine was established in 2004 and emerged as one of the reputed car service centers in Dubai.

Elite Shine delivers services which suit all budgets. They carefully insured for road, liability, and damage.

Though their main place of existence is in Dubai, Elite Shine has branches in Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Abu Dhabi.


The services offered by Elite Shine might include

Interior and exterior detailing, interior protection against aging, cleaning the passenger compartment of the car, steam cleaning, Leather treatment, fabric protection etc.,

Location: Ros  Al Khor, industrial area, Dubai

Phone number: 971559934823, 971565241047

2. Deutsches  

Deutsches is the most well-equipped auto service center in Dubai which is known for its high level of service and maintenance. With an aim to provide personal service and care to the customers, Deutsches are updated with latest technology hardware and software.


Deutsches provides world-class professional auto detailing services to the customers and their services might include providing paint protection solutions, removal of old paint, engine detailing, removing whirls and dents, cleaning the interiors etc.,

Location: Unit 2-3, corner of 15th and 22nd street, Dubai

Phone number: 9714323283

3. Premium Car Care  

Premium Car Care is one of the leading car care centers in Dubai and mainly focuses on the services of British, Germany, Italian luxury cars.

With the mission to be one of the alternative service centers for luxury cars in the region, Premium car care provides services as mentioned below


Exterior car detailing where they provide services using different techniques like applying polishes, waxes and high-quality products. Scratch removal which is one of the main parts of exterior car detailing is also done efficiently.

Interior car detailing services might include cleaning of car seats, carpets, and also shampooing of car seats etc.,

The professionals of premium car care use special brushes and tools for the interior detailing of a car to make it look shine and glow.

Location: Al Quoz, near ETA, behind  Home Center Warehouse, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97143394770, 0547142655

4. My Car Polish  

My Car Polish is one of the well-known car detailing service centers in UAE and Sri Lanka. They provide detailing services that meet the needs of the customers in every aspect they require.

Since the last 10 years, My Car Polish has been delivering car detailing services with the state of the art equipment and with the professional employees who always strives to offer the best to the customers.

With the mission to provide the highest quality detailing services with trained and skilled employees My Car Polish services might include


Exterior car care comprises of removing and minimizing light surface scratches and imperfections, applying paint sealant, clean and protect every exterior surface of the car etc.,Leather surfaces catch all the dust, dirt, food particles and all other contaminated particles that degrade the quality of the car surface.

So, various interior car detailing services are provided by My Car Polish like upholstery cleaning, seat, and stem shampooing, vinyl, and leather cleaning and conditioning, dashboard polishing, door, roof shampooing etc.,

Location: My Car Polish Pvt Ltd, Opposite Dubai airport free zone, PO box number: 29751, Al Twar, Al Quasis, Dubai, UAE.

Phone number: +971042633162.

5. Crystal Shine  

Crystal Shine has been providing services related to vehicle preparation and appearance since almost 10 years now in UAE.

Being one of the popular car care centers in Dubai, Crystal Shine has been working to keep the cars in the best condition possible with all the interior and exterior car care services it provides.


Car detailing services of Crystal Shine consists of paint polish swirl removal, scratch removal, glazing, hard water spot water removal, paint decontamination, tar removal, cement removal, metal polish etc.,

Location: Exit 45, Sheikh Zayed Road near Oasis Center mall, Dubai, Dubai.

Phone number: 0503409665

6.Zain car care  

Zain car care was established in 2010 and is a British owned and managed company.

Having a reputation for delivering good quality workmanship with healthy competitive prices, Zain Car Care always tries to meet or requirements of the customers.


Detailing services provided by Zain Car Care might include paint polishing, paint correction, interior cleaning, tire cleaning, window cleaning, odor elimination, A/C filter cleaning etc.,

Location: Zain Car Care, Warehouse No.1, Street 23, Ras Al Khor, Industrial Area 2, Dubai

Phone number: 056-125856/04-3200868

7. Orange Auto  

Orange Auto is a car repair and maintenance garage which is into wholesale business for nearly 40 years. It’s a high-end automatic garage where quality workmanship is delivered to the customers all the time.

With an aim to assure safety and comfort to the customers, Orange Auto provides detailing services that might include exterior and engine detailing, rust removal services etc.,


The products used by Orange Auto for detailing services are generally are of 3M technology, water-based products that remove the stains and spots on carpets, seats etc.,

Cupholders, ashtrays, crevices, and vents will also be cleaned by the effectively used 3M technology products. Some of the other services can be a steam vacuum, simple waxing, and polishing depending upon the need of the customers.

Location: 364-425, 318th road, opposite National Taxi Garage, Diesel Marine, Al Quoz Industrial Area-3, Dubai

Phone number: 97143381551, 97143381552

8. The Mechanic Auto Center  

Mechanic Auto center is one of the reputed car service centers in Dubai providing the best quality and best-priced services to the customers who approach them.

Being one of the efficient service providers in Dubai, Mechanic Auto Center takes care of general, mechanical and electric repairs of a car.


Mechanic Auto provides detailed services to the customers with the highly professional staff they have and the service might include shampooing, engine detailing, complete detailing, high quality detailing etc.,

Location: 18th street, Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai.

Phone number: 043884881, 0507031080, 0543000214

9. Mr. Cap  

Mr. Cap is a Swedish Franchise established in 1990. With its aim to refine, protect and maintain customer’s cars,  Mr. Cap’s services to its customers are done by people who have an immense passion for cars.

Mr.Cap so far stood as the market leader when it comes to maintaining car appearance and protecting the car from the negative effects of the environment.


Making the car look good with an increased and improved quality feel, Mr.Cap provides detailing services like a thorough cleaning of car’s leather interior bringing back the original feel of the leather surface, cleaning the panels, windows, removal of stains etc.,

Mr.Cap also has master treatment program where both interior and exterior detailing services are provided for the car.

Location:  Al Quoz, Al Khail Mall, Dubai, UAE.

Phone number: 97143469550

10. ARM Motors  

ARM Motors was founded in 2008 and since then they got excelled in-car services with the collaboration and communication they maintain with the customers always.

In 2011 since its movement to Dubai Investment Park, ARM Motors stood as the biggest independent workshop providing trustworthy services to the people who approach them.


With an excellent experience they possess, ARM Motors offers detailing services like cleaning up the interior upholstery from all the wearing and tearing, protecting the leather seats of the car, protecting and maintaining the exterior of the car by using the state of art equipment etc.,

Location: DIP 2, PO Box number :283046, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +917148841470

Your car needs regular car care and approaching the above-mentioned car detailing service centers helps you maintain your car in its best version.

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