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Metro fines in Dubai you must be aware of

Be it to going to a shopping mall or to the airport, Dubai Metro has been one of the best modes of transport to the public. However, while traveling by metro, you need to be aware of certain fines that would be imposed if you violate any metro rules.

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Here are the fines you need to pay if you violate any rules and regulations

Fines at Dubai Metro are usually related to eating and drinking, causing inconvenience to anyone in any form, sitting in inappropriate places, NOL card, luggage related things, etc.,

Causing inconvenience to others in the station or metro100
People sitting in seats that are not allocated to them100
Placing foot on the seats100
Eating and drinking in the areas prohibited to do so100
Using elevators and lifts in an inappropriate manner100
Climbing or jumping in the metro station’s premises100
Not agreeing with the rules of RTA while using the metro100
Entering prohibited areas in the metro station premises100
Taking animals along with you to the transit except for that of guide dogs for blind people100
Carrying with you any materials that cause a hazard to the passengers100
Standing or sitting in places that are not allocated for the passengers100
Being on transit without a valid ticket for the same200
Using the cards of someone else for your travel200
Not following the rules given by RTA authorities200
Using an expired Nol card for the transit200
Selling a Nol card without fixed permission from the RTA200
Spitting, littering or causing stains when you are using public transport200
Smoking while you are using public transport200
Taking with you any dangerous, hazardous weapons or things200
Taking alcoholic drinks with you during the transit200
Parking in the space designated for the metro user for a time period more than 24 hours250
Falling asleep in the waiting areas of the metro stations300
Utilizing a forged Nol card or Nol ticket to enter the station500
Tampering or vandalizing with any devices on metro trains or on any other public transport for that matter500
Using any facility that is related to emergency or security without the actual necessity of it2000

Note: Sometimes not only will you be charged with the fines but you will also be asked to submit your Emirates ID as a part of the fine payment.

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How to pay Dubai Metro fines?

Fines can be paid at any of the metro stations and you can contact the official RTA website to know the details about the fine payments and other related queries if any.

Contact details

Official website : www.rta.ae

Call center: 8009090

Email ID: ask@rta.ae

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rtadubai

YouTube: www.YouTube.com/rtadubaigov


Rules related to public transport are usually strict and organized in Dubai and you can get detailed information about the fines from the table mentioned above. You can also get this information in the leaflets provided by RTA at the Dubai Metro.

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