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A recent survey tells that half of the UAE’s population has its own vehicles i.e., for every two people there is one car. Even though there is a good number of public transport in circulation, people in the UAE are preferring their own vehicles. Definitely having an own vehicle is necessary and comfortable if you maintain it rightly.

Everyone is aware of how important it is to maintain your car and get it checked once in every 6-7 months. It actually keeps the car away from major problems. With an increase in the number of cars, there is an increase in the number of car repair centers in Dubai and other Emirates.

Here’s a list of the top 10 car service centres in the UAE

#1 Zone Auto Care

Zone Auto care is providing its services in Dubai since the past 4 decades. It provides all kinds of services your car requires right from car detailing service to accident works. This car garage in Dubai is known for its dedicated customer service and affordable rates. Currently, there are 25% – 30% discounts provided on the services you get. This is located in Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai and in Sharjah. 

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#2 Aarya Auto repair

Aarya Auto repair center serves all the top branded cars. It works on all the services like car AC repair, body repair, detailing etc., It works with a motive to satisfy the customers with their timely services without any delays. This is located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai region. You can book your services online on their website or directly visit them.

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#3 Checkpoint

Checkpoint has highly trained individuals to repair your car. It is specialized in providing the best services on brands like BMW, Range Rover, Audi, Porsche, etc., It provides a wide range of services right from fixing interior issues to the makeover of the car. It is located in Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai.  

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#4 Zdegree

They are known for their tyre replacement service. Z degree even provides services outside their garage as well. You just need to call them and they visit you with all the equipment needed. The best thing about getting your car repaired in Zdegree is you can convert your payments to Easy Installments plans on low rates. Apart from car repair services they also sell good quality tyres which can be bought online on their website and get it fitted at your preferred location. They have 6 branches in Dubai. 

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#5 Al Ghassan Auto Balance Workshop

Al Ghassan has a highly experienced team to work on your vehicles. It provides the best services at reasonable prices. It offers wheel replacement, brake works, oil change etc., It is one of the best car maintenance centers in Sharjah. It is located in Al Wahda Road, Industrial Area 4, Sharjah.

#6 AAA Dubai

It is one of the best car workshops in Dubai. Apart from the affordable vehicle services, AAA is known for providing expert services for Range Rovers and Land Rovers. It provides a pre-service value to the customers so that you can get a quote before handing over your vehicle to them. It is located in Rashidiya, Dubai.

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#7 Cars-Clinic

Cars clinic offers its services and maintenance to all the brands. It provides ac repair, car detailing, painting, body repair, dent repair, engine issues and much more at an affordable price. It is located in Rashidiya, Dubai locality.

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#8 GT AutoCentre

GT Auto Centre is one of the best garages in Dubai. It provides all kind of services like car detailing, body repair, paint, dent removal, accident repair, refinishing, car wash, etc., It even provides a pre-service value on request by which the customer can plan his service costs in prior. Most of the insurance companies recommend GT Autocentre to their customers. It is located in Al Quoz, Dubai.

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#9 Das Centre

Das center is the leading car repair center in Dubai. It provides the best services to its customers. They are specialized in providing services for big brands like Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and many more. They provide Car ac repair, tuning, brakes, engine, detailing, dent repair, paintless dent removal and other services in Dubai. They are located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai.

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#10 Premier Car Care

Premier car care has a team who are well known to fix any issue on the brands like Jaguar and Land Rover. It also provides services like car detailing, wash, painting, ac repair and maintenance, window tinting etc., They sell even the spare parts required for a vehicle. It is located in Al Quoz region, Dubai.

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These are top 10 car repair centers in UAE. There are few more service centers which provide the best services to the customers. Most of the people don’t get their vehicles checked in the fear of costs involved. But all these garages provide their services on costs worth the services. Moreover, if your car is insured then the car insurance company bears the accidental repair charges. So, never neglect in getting your car checked on a regular basis.

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